Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lavender Food Fad?

Recently, I was reading that a large portion of the lavender crop this year will be going into food as opposed to soaps, perfumes and other toiletries. Do you think this a fad? Something that is seeing a revival? Or something that has always been around?

My husband is a huge fan of lavender. Currently we have lavender oil for the bath, lavender linen water to spritz the sheets and pillows before bed, lavender sachets to chase away the moths, lavender salt to flavor our dinner and lavender cocoa for a cold day.

 I thought I would search Pinterest to see if I could find a few recipes featuring lavender. 

Duck Breasts with Burnt Honey, Figs and Lavender Sauce Image Source

Lavander Chicken Salad via Our Life in the Kitchen
Sweet Potato Fries with Blue Cheese and Lavender
Lavender Rosemary Bread
Are you one for the sweets or the savories?

Lavender Lemon Cookies Image Source

Chocolate Lavender Pie via Sunday Suppers

Chocolate Lavender Cupcakes

Chocolate Lavender Tart

Are you a fan of lavender? In your food or only as a scent? 
Lavender Martini via Food and Wine
I think all of these recipes look interesting and I am going to try a few. What do you think? Do you cook and bake with lavender? Would you try it now that you see what a versitile herb it is? Do you know that it is one of the herbs in Herbs de Provance?

If you like lavender the Pelindaba Lavender Farm is a great place to visit (located on the San Juan Islands, near Seattle) and has an extensive collection of products. I personally own many of them and purchase products for gifts often. I also wrote a post about them last year if you would like more information, click Here.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Wow Elizabeth,
    You have been prolific, I'm just catching up with you now. The pecan rolls, oh, what I would do for one of those right now! I'm a big fat mug girl, full of cappuccino or hot chocolate and a delicate bone china cup girl for a cup of Darjeeling, my favourite tea.

    I like lavender in food, especially desserts. I have a lavender syrup which I add to cocktails, it's yummy!

    I got your email and will get back to you soon.
    Much love

  2. Who knew!!!! I am shocked at all the food choices involving lavender! I would be game to try and I also love the scent....reminds me of the south of France:)

  3. I love lavender and have put it in pasta sauce before but that's it. Not sure how far in cooking I would use it since typically you don't use enough of it to make a huge taste difference. I make lavender sachets for clients and keep them around our home as well for a light fresh smell.


  4. Ahhhh... I so love coming to visit you in the morning to see what you are up to! LAVENDER is my favorite fragrance, flower and actually, I love lavender tea. HOWEVER, be prepared to go to sleep soundly after half a cup!

    I used to use Herbes de Provence in my homemade pizza sauce. This mix has some lavender in it and it is delicious. However, TOO MUCH of it could be a bit strong, but I am all for a pinch of it. I have never thought of mixing it in hot cocoa, however and this could be a great way to get myself to sleep on cold winter nights when I am thinking too much on my pillow!!!

    Have a splendid day my friend. Anita

  5. I love lavender it is all over my house but I have tried it in some of my food before and don't really care for it. I rather decorate with it through the home.


  6. Traditionally I've had lavender in ice cream, cookies, etc. But never in savory food....sounds really yummy. The lavender chicken salad looks divine. Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth!

  7. I've been to the lavender farm and it's not only beautiful but they also have a wonderful restaurant featuring an organic menu. They also serve lavender martinis.. also good :)

    I have lavender pillows on my bed and find it very relaxing!


  8. Elizabeth, Lavender is a favorite. I am really curious about the lavender hot chocolate. I have a few plants growing in my small spot of sun. I love running my hand over them as I walk past. Beautiful photographs. I hope you are having a good week. Bonnie

  9. Hello Elizabeth

    Thank you for a most informative post on lavender. I have had a desert, made by my French friend and it was quite delicius.
    I love the duck, lavender and fig recipe you featured.


  10. the scent and the flavor...probably because it takes me back to France! :)
    I remember the post you did on that lovely lavender farm.
    - Irina


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