Monday, October 29, 2012

Saga's from Frankenstorm

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Hello Monday! One would like to think that a new week means a new day, but in the case of Sandy it has been like Ground Hog day, since Friday. The constant rain and sustained winds of 25-30 miles an hour coupled with the gusts that seem to be getting bigger by the hour(currently at 60 MPH) has been driving me crazy. At times the noise is so loud it is like a freight train.

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I have been confined to my house because of the flooding, and frankly between the storm coverage and the presidential election coverage I do not know which is worse. I will be very happy when they are both over.

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As I did not leave my house for a day and a half, I managed to have an incredibly productive weekend. I made and excellent sausage and white bean soup, pumpkin struessel bread, caramel apples, a quiche, and I wrapped Christmas gifts! Not to mention doing a little work for my day job and reading a few blogs.

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How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun? Make any great recipes? Relax, batten down the hatches or go out sledding(friends in France and parts of England)?

I hope we all survive the "perfect storm" this week.  For those of you in the Northeast, I hope the storm looses some of its strength. . Be safe and take care. 


  1. oh, it is a worry, that storm. We are here on the other side of the world watching and hoping not too many people are hurt by it.

  2. Oh, my dear friend, it sounds frightening. You are amazing for taking this all in stride and being so productive. Your packages are gorgeous...
    So is the flooding preventing you from going out?
    Know I am thinking of safe, dear Elizabeth...
    You are so kind to check in with me...I was actually having a horrible WiFi connection for a couple of blog visits were near impossible...two visits would take an hour. I'm back on cable connection, so far so good.
    And we had a light snowfall last week...a little preview of sorts. I'm going to miss the colors...
    Love to you and prayers to all on the coast...I have some family out there...
    - Irina

  3. Good Morning Elizabeth, I heard about the storm heading your way, on our morning news, I hope you are keeping safe and sound. I will be thinking of you. Take care, Daphne

  4. My darling friend,

    I hope that your flooding situation does not excel to a bigger problem for you! We are thinking and praying for you all that everyone is SAFE and well. I have to follow the happenings but I so hope that no mishaps happen. STAY INDOORS as much as you can! LOVE! Anita

  5. Ugh I'm tired Elizabeth! We worked like the devils this weekend to batten down the hatches for the storm. Branches are already starting to snap and the worst of it hasn't even hit us yet. We're ready for it I just hope it isn't as bad as they're saying.

    Be safe!

  6. We are in NJ and are supposed to get hit hard. We are prepared but how do you prepare for this, the waiting is the hard part.


  7. We are just beginning to get a glimpse of Sandy's fury. Streets are closed to driving in my town in 2 hours. So our confinement begins and they say it will last until Tuesday. Yikes!!!

  8. Elizabeth,

    We are staying tuned and thinking about you over on the west coast. Hopefully the flooding will not bet worse. Do you have a generator? We live the mountains here in WA state and after a couple bad storms and extended power outages {with temps in the 30's} we bought one and are always thankful to have it. I agree about the election and storm news.. I want it to all be over with.

    Take Care,

  9. Wrapped Christmas gifts? ARe you trying to make us all look bad? Good for you, though, what a fun and productive weekend.
    Good luck in the storm. We're 30 mins. west of DC and the worst is supposed to hit tonight.

  10. Elizabeth, So true - I never thought I would be looking forward to mid-November. Between the election and this crazy storm heading straight towards me (and we will lose power - it's not if, it's when), I wish I could sleep through the next 10 days. I hope you are staying dry and it is almost past your area! xoxox

  11. Hello Elizabeth:
    From all that we read this sounds very alarming and frightening. We cannot imagine what it can be like to have been confined for so long now whilst the storm rages all around you. However, we are at least glad that you are safe, sheltered and keeping warm. Our thoughts are with you and with so many others who are also affected and we trust that the worst will soon be over.

  12. OMG! I am soooooooooo with you about hearing about the storm & the elections.... I am SICK of it all.

    But, look at you getting Christmas gifts wrapped. I'm impressed! I went shopping today for supplies for a swap I'm in. ONE MONTH & counting. Do you ever ask yourself WHY did I sign up for this???? That's what I'm saying about now. Have a good one.


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