Friday, November 30, 2012

Advent Calenders the Christmas Countdown

Good morning, it is Friday! You cannot see me but I am dancing a jig. I am so tired, and it has been such a long two weeks that I need a break. I cannot wait to sleep in tomorrow! 

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For today, more of all things Christmas.  After the next few weeks I may have to rename the blog because for the month it is ALL about Christmas at my house and blog. 

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I do not have any little ones but I have fond memories of my advent calender. My brothers and sisters and I eagerly awaited the opening each day of one little box where there would be a piece of chocolate to help us count down the 25 days until Christmas. 

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Now days, I do not have a calender but I do make one for my niece.  I collect small gifts all year for my sister and my niece, wrap, label and then ship the 50 little gifts to them to open. They are placed under a little tree and each morning they each pick one to open. 

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I have found some wonderful calenders on Pinterest and in the catalogs that arrive by the truckload each day in my mailbox. These are a few of my favorites.

25 Christmas books one for each day image here

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Do you have an Advent calender for your children or grandchildren?  Did you have one as a child?

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Tell me, how is your decorating coming along? Do you have plans this weekend to do a little decorating? Or will you be doing something else exciting, traveling, reading, baking or relaxing? 

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Whatever your plans enjoy your weekend!

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  1. How wonderful, dear Elizabeth! I can imagine the delight of your sister and niece...
    You are their pre-Santa Santa! :))
    Sweet friend, I wish you a relaxing weekend...
    I will be in full holiday planning mode!
    And I'll definitely drink some hot chocolate..
    Much love,
    - Irina

  2. My daughter has two advent calendars. One I made for my sons 24 years ago, they insisted I got it out when she was a baby and used it for her. The other one is a sweet one, a large box with drawers and each day she unwraps a piece of the nativity, ending with the Baby Jesus on Christmas Eve.
    Have a lovely day, I'm off to my Chocolate gift exchange today.
    Jude x

  3. These are so much fun! When my children were little I used to have so much fun coming up with ideas for their Advent calendar which had 24 little doors. I miss those days!

    Enjoy your weekend, Elizabeth! xoxo

  4. I particularly like the look of that adult version :-)
    I still buy a chocolate one for Meg every year. Old habits die hard.
    Hope you are well dear one.

  5. I particularly like the look of that adult version :-)
    I still buy one for Meg each year. Old habits die hard!
    Hope you are keeping well dear one.

  6. I love these Elizabeth! I haven't thought of an advent calender in years and had one growing up and loved it. What a sweet thing to do for your sister and niece. Me I'm still working like crazy and will be all weekend but the crunch is almost over and I can't wait I'm tired!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. All of these are beautiful, that first image is so pretty. How sweet the tradition you have with your sister is! I love that, glad you get to sleep in, enjoy the relaxation!

  8. WOW how did I miss this?I KNOW....I TOO AM TIRED! WOW it is non-stop at the moment! Sending you a big hug my friend! Anita

  9. I love these advent calenders, my favorite is the gingerbread man.



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