Saturday, November 17, 2012

Christmas Decorating

 Good morning and a happy Saturday to you! I know that many of you are making last minute plans and prep work for Thanksgiving and frankly I should be doing that too but when you are not too sure of your plans it is hard to do. 

Traditionally in my family we decorate for Christmas on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. As I have nothing to do this weekend (but a million other things) I decided get a head start on my trees, it is so much more fun than what I am supposed to be doing.

Yesterday while I should have been working(the advantage of working for your mom) I dug out my Christmas boxes. 

As I mentioned, I have decided to go with several little trees this year because I can use more of my collected things, and I can be creative with theme trees to suit the rooms or the people staying in them. 

 I am using natural elements and subdued colors(not these ornaments). I will have one tree filled with birds, another all pine cones, and yet another that is all white with snowflakes and acrylic icicles and crystals. That is the plan so far, the others I am still working out. 

I also be baking another batch of yeast bread, last week a new recipe I was trying failed and I am determined to make it work this time.  I will let you know how that turns out. 

 What are your plans for the day? Baking, prepping for turkey day, traveling, going to a game or just enjoying a beautiful Fall day with family and friends?

Whatever you do...enjoy. 


  1. Hello Elizabeth

    I can feel the joy and excitement in your unpacking your ornaments and planning your decorating scheme. It is a wonderful feeling and the heart flutters.

    We are guests of very close friends, whom we spend Thanksgiving with annually. They have a ranch and Tennessee walking horses so a spot of riding in the forest in on the menu!

    Have a wonderful day

    Helen xx

  2. Good morning Elizabeth! We always do several small trees too. It's nice to have a touch of Christmas in several rooms and this way I can use all my antique urns for them.

    We have a few last things to finish up outside for the winter then we're finally done with outside work for the rest of the season and I can't wait!


  3. Wow the pressure is officially on with all these Christmas posts! Yikes....well we will be going to my sisters beach house for 4 days for Thanksgiving, so I am off the hook but know when we get home the pressure will be on...and normally I am kind of late getting my tree up, mid Dec. but hope to do it sooner this year...all this decorating fever is contagious! Happy decorating, and have a great weekend!

  4. I love taking my ornaments out every year and remembering where I got them from and why I bought them for out tree.


  5. What gorgeous hand blown ornaments? Are they family heirlooms? You are inspiring me to start at least thinking about Christmas! This weekend for me is all about getting ready for Thanksgiving.

    Have a wonderful and festive decorating weekend!!


  6. Busy and fun times ahead. But at least it will be for the good. I hope you will enjoy your Thanksgiving. Here in Canada, we celebrate our Thanksgiving on the 2nd weekend of October. After Halloween is already Christmas season already. Have a great weekend.

  7. Good Morning! I like your idea of several small trees with each with a different theme. A natural look, with the birds, pine corns, and the ice crystals (a personal favorite :)

    I am concentrating on getting through Thanksgiving! We are having just a small gathering, however I found out I work on Wednesday so I will attempt to get as much done before hand as possible.

    Good luck with the yeast bread. I know how difficult (something seemingly so easy..ha!) can be. It's all about temperatures!

    Enjoy the weekend!

  8. Elizabeth, The vintage ornaments are beautiful! We are spending Thanksgiving with our son and his family. I hope you enjoy the holiday. Thanks for visiting and your sweet comment. I always enjoy hearing from you.


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