Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas Shopping Online and on Etsy

Good morning!

Martha Stewart

I know that it was just yesterday that I said I was not going to post Christmas/Hanuka things yet; but I have been bombarded with so many ads, catalogs(today we received 15) and magazines that I was beginning to feel like the ship had sailed and I was left standing on the pier! So I am jumping on the wagon today with the question of gifts. 


 I was curious, has anyone started their shopping for Christmas and Hanuka yet? Have you been taking advantage of all of the sales and the free shipping? Are you a Black Friday, and now Thanksgiving Day shopper? 

Country Living

Although for the most part I am finished shopping I do have some gifts left to get and I would love to purchase them from Blog friends who have Etsy stores and online stores and businesses.
Of course I am familiar with Tina at the Enchanted Home and her one of a kind treasures,  Di at Yonks and her European antiques, Marsha at Splenderosa and her beautiful jewelry, 

Image from Di at Yonks

Anita at Castles Crowns and Cottages featuring her one of a kind paper creations and last but not least, Debra at Acquired Objects with her museum quality pillows and textiles. 

What I would love to know from you is, what are your favorite blog stores online and at Etsy? What do you  purchase there, pillows, books, antiques, hand crafted items?  Let me know and I will compile a list to share. 

While you are thinking of that, please think about your favorite holiday cookie recipe.  I would also like to try some new recipes this year and I would love to have a blogger cookie exchange of recipes. Are you game?

I am looking forward to seeing your friends and recipes!

Have a beautiful day!


  1. Hello Elizabeth:
    How splendidly well organized you are. Alas, we seldom think much about Christmas until it is almost upon us and that certainly seems to be the trend in Hungary where, for example, Christmas trees are not put up and decorated until Christmas Eve.

    You make mention here of some of the Etsy stores known to us through blogs. There is indeed so much talent to be found.

    We will be 'off air' very shortly for a while but will look forward to catching up on our return.

  2. Oh you kind and wonderful FRIEND!!! Thank you for mentioning me in the company of those most talented women like Tina, Marsha and Debra and Di!!!

    I have been so busy that I have not even looked at shops! I LOVE MARSHA'S JEWELRY STORE and I also love my friend's blog and shop, Lisa at Bilancia designs. I adore her white rose topiaries! I also enjoy my dear friend PENNY from Angelsdoor and her felted much to love! Anita

  3. Elizabeth, I am so in awe of those of you who have all you Christmas shopping finished. I love Christmas, but to be really honest it overwhelms me. I have picked up a few things. I love baking cookies and would love participating in a cookie recipe exchange. Have a wonderful day. Just a not I am wanting the "robin mug' in the last photograph. I will forward a link for an on-line shop. Beautiful jewelry. Have a wonderful day! Bonnie

  4. So sorry for posting twice. Here is the link for Julie at Monkey Grass Hill She makes lovely jewelry pieces. Bonnie

  5. You are done??? I am seriously intimidated!! I have not even begun to make a list! I am feeling a little stressed because I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is already next week. Where does the time go?
    Thanks sooo much for including my shop in your wonderful round many amazing resources online for one stop shopping!

    Have a great I feel like I need to get REALLY BUSY with my own shopping to do's!

  6. Wow! I've not yet started! With all these links (love them all!!) .. I'm a few clicks away from getting it done :)

    Nice job!


  7. All that beautiful packaging, how lovely...very inspiring :)

    I have a huge stack of Christmas catalogues & brochures sitting here waiting for me to browse them. I am thinking "less is more" though this year....more meaningful gifts & possibly some homemade foodie gifts, I have some ideas. Books are always my favourite gift to give as well. Etsy is a great idea too, always lovely to support others & there are some fabulously creative people on there.

    Thank you so much for the lovely comment you left me today, that was very very kind of you and please know that I appreciate it. Thank you for enjoying my blog, that really makes me happy :)

  8. PS I'll join in the cookie exchange!! Did you see the Nutella stuffed cookies I mentioned on my blog the other week, they are so easy to make and really seriously delicious :)

  9. Hi Elizabeth! I somehow missed this post of gorgeousness yesterday!! Every year I get excited about wrapping everything really nicely and then I run out of time and end up just throwing paper on the gifts!!

    I am totally in for a cookie exchange - my blog may be about travel, but cooking (and eating) is another of my passions! I just started a Thirsty Thursday section of my blog featuring wine, beer and cocktails from different places around the world and I hope to do the same with food!

    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. You are a VERY lucky girl to go to Paris that often - you probably know a lot more about it than I do! I have several recommendations for you - I am curious if you have been to them yet. Have you been to Chartres? How about the Musee Marmottan? And also, a restaurant recommendation - Chez Flottes. When are you going again? I am going next October and I can't wait!!



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