Friday, November 16, 2012

Eat Feed Autumn Winter by Anne Bramley

Good morning, and hello Friday! I hope you had a great week. I did and as always I am ready for the weekend. 

I have a "date" with this book. I don't know about you but I love cookbooks, I even have a stack of them next to my bed. I enjoy paging through them, looking at the recipes, photos and food styling and stopping along the way to read the stories and interesting food facts. 

Eat Feed Autumn Winter by Anne Bramley is one of my favorite cookbooks for those reasons and more. The book is beautifully written and photographed, not to mention has great recipes, fun food tidbits and stories and advice for eating seasonally. 

Ann Bramley is an English lit professor with a specialty in food culture.  Her interest in food began at the age of 15, with her first subscription to Bon Appetit, and has continued for over 20 years as she has studied foods from all over the world while completing her PhD. 

In addition to this fabulous cookbook you can listen to Ann on her award winning Podcast, Eat Feed where you will learn about anything from apples to marzipan. 

As you can see from these photos there are recipes for a wide variety of things, from pizza to s'mores, to afternoon tea, to rarebit, to beet fries with blue cheese sauce, and my particular favorite, chocolate beef stew. 

Anne has a particular affinity for England, as she studied at Cambridge, so there are numerous recipes and menus devoted to Twelfth Night, Guy Fawkes, A Burns Night, and Sunday Roast to name just a few. 

Are you familiar with the cookbook? Or Eat Feed? If so, what do you think and what is your favorite recipe?

If you are not familiar with Eat Feed Autumn Winter I think it would be a wonderful Christmas gift for the food lovers in your life or for yourself. The good news is that because it came out in 2009 you can find some great deals on Amazon! 

 Do you have a favorite cookbook? I am always interested in learning about new books so please tell me all about it in the comments or if you have written about it on your blog, leave me the link, I will come over. 

I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing weekend. Enjoy your day. 


  1. Hi are always great at setting the 'mood' for the weekend. I have so many favourite cookbooks I do not know where to the moment it is all Vietnamese by Luke Nguyen. I am on the hunt for Indian much fun to check out new cookbooks!

    Warm wishes from Saigon for a lovely weekend E....

    J. xx

  2. Good morning precious friend! I have several cookbooks that I have used over and over throughout the years but have not visited in a while due to this busy lifestyle so far!

    Wish me luck tomorrow on my art show! Anita

  3. ohhhhh, i'm crazy about cookbooks. always have been. i even read them while soaking in the tub. thanks for the introduction to this title. i have too many favorites. a patricia wells trattoria one is a go-to, all of ina garten's...

    smiles to you.


  4. I love the books of Donna Hey!

    But this one is gorgeous!

    ♥ Franka

  5. Oh no! Don't get me started on cookbooks :) lol! Love them.. and this looks like a another great find. Lots of comfort food for the holidays!

    Enjoy your weekend and happy cooking!


  6. This looks like a delicious cookbook. One that may need to be yet another gift to myself. Enjoy your weekend. Bonnie

    Oh, I am intrigued with the chocolate beef stew?????

  7. Elizabeth, thank you so much for letting us know about this cookbook. I am definitely getting it, it looks fabulous and I love her emphasis on England. A perfect book for me!

  8. I will check out this cookbook. The photos and styling looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing about this book.

  9. I can't stand cookbooks with no pictures, those look gorgeous!! I'm going to serif they have it at my library. I'd love it if you linked this up to Nibbles and Novels tomorrow!!


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