Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Gratitude

Good morning! I was thinking last night, as I finalized my Thanksgiving menu, of all the wonderful things in my life that I am thankful and grateful for and I made a small list. 

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I am grateful for:
  • My life. This year I had a health scare and I can tell you that I view things differently and appreciate life so much more.
  • My husband who is my best friend, confidant, and rock. After 18 years we are still happiest when spending time with one another.
  • My faithful companion who loves me no matter what and always greets me with a wagging tail and unbridled enthusiasm whether I have been gone 5 minutes or 5 days. 
  • My family. There are no words for how blessed I am to have two sisters, one brother, my parents and step-parents, two step-children and wonderful in-laws who support me, comfort me, cheer me on, and love me no matter what. 
  • My friends. My life is richer for having you in it. 
  • My blog. It has opened a door to another world. I am constantly amazed by the people I have "met", and the education I receive on a daily basis from reading your blogs. Everyday is like Christmas because there is always a book, a movie, a cause, a culinary or travel adventure and more to be shared. 

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 Although I could go on and on these are the people and things I am most grateful for. What about you? What are you grateful for? 

I hope you have a wonderful day!

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  1. I think I'm most grateful that I get to wake up each day and enjoy the things you mentioned above. Taking life one day at a time and enjoying it to its fullest. This is a beautiful post Elizabeth and I hope you enjoy your holiday season!


  2. Hi Elizabeth.....wonderful post. I am so grateful for my health, family, friends and the gift of life. It is truly a blessing to wake up every day being able to do the simplest things. Its a day to give thanks and to reflect on our blessings, wishing you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

  3. Good Morning. Your post was a joy to read this morning. I have so little time in the morning but I do look forward (time permitting) to check in to see what you have posted...always wonderful. Have a terrific day and a wonderful Thanksgiving. Bonnie

  4. I am grateful for good health and my family. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it doesn't revolve around commercialism. The point is to be THANKFUL and be with your loved ones :) Christmas gets so spendy and it's all about indulgence.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. Dear Elizabeth -
    Thanks for sharing this post. I have a lot to be thankful for: my partner, family, friends, health, home, blog friends and a thriving business that I love dearly. Thank you for your friendship this year. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
    Take care,

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Elizabeth to you and your family! Enjoy!


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