Tuesday, December 11, 2012

14 Days Until Christmas

Good morning! I hope you are having a good day! I am experiencing technical difficulties at home and am actually writing this is the car on my IPad. 

I am trying to keep calm while I deal with the the fact the Internet, TV, and heat are all out! It is crazy, I guess it is like they say, " when it rains it pours. " 

I also have guests arriving in one week and no baking even started. It is a good thing everything else is finished. Hopefully a few cookies to the heating/ air man and the Internet guy will speed up the repairs?

In the meantime I am soaking up the season and enjoying it all. I hope you have a great day!


  1. I hope your clitches are sorted quickly, happy baking. Jude x

  2. Try to stay warm and I am sorry for the trouble. Not the time too happen.


  3. Oh dear, Elizabeth, I feel for you! Hopefully, your heat and internet are working soon. Don't feel bad - I haven't done any baking or decorating yet but I know it will all get done eventually!


  4. Elizabeth, I wish you luck with all of your activities and repairs. I have ultimate faith in your ability to get everything finished without skipping a beat. Bonnie

  5. Elizabeth, how perfect this is !!!
    Thank you for making my day happier, my friend.

  6. Elizabeth I hope everything comes back on for you. I know that is so tough when we lose power, heat, etc. Wishing you a very blessed holiday season.


  7. Oh dear! You are right.. all these things seem to happen all at once. Hang in there!

    Take care, leslie

  8. I am catching up here, dear friend...but I pray that as I write this everything is fixed!! Oh my goodness...how are temps there? Is it chilly??
    On to the newest post..


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