Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Chalkboard Art Ideas

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Good Morning Monday! How are you? I am great but I am bracing myself for a CRAZY week; so if you do not see me, or hear from me for a few days you know why. 

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I do not know about you but I do not know what I did before Pinterest. Yes I found inspiration in magazines but I do not know that I had access to so many fabulous ideas and things!

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I am not an artist, I am lucky enough to know many and to have a husband that is, but in terms of me putting paint to canvas or chalk to board, you can forget it. 

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Do you do hand lettering? Do you have a wonderful chalkboard in your house like one of these for the holidays?

Image Source Holly Monroe

Image Uppercase Living

At the present moment I do not, what I do have is a HUGE canvas that I have painted with chalkboard paint.  I am waiting for my husband to "paint" on it.  I hope that he finds time this Christmas because I painted it last Christmas season!

Image Source CB2

Which is your favorite? Frankly I love them all. 

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I also think that I can manage the one below so that at least Santa and his reindeer know that I appreciate them. 

Image Country Living

I hope my friends that you have a fabulous week! Enjoy the spirit of the season, I know that I will. 


  1. They are all fabulous, but I particularly like the message to Santa. We have a couple of mini chalkboards (I stock up in France, where children still use them in school) and so we may well copy this idea.
    We always leave Santa a mince pie and a glass of sherry, with some carrots for the reindeer, what do people leave for him in the States?
    Have a lovely week Jude x

  2. GOOD MORNING GIRLFRIEND! I love lettering and I want so badly to get together with Irina and learn to do it! SENDING YOU A BIG HUG! Anita

  3. I love all these ideas Elizabeth! Nope don't have a chalkboard but now I want to do a small one for even dinner parties. I can write the menu on them and place in an artist easel on the table. Keep those ideas coming and try to enjoy your week!


  4. Elizabeth, this is so
    timely for me, as I
    was just thinking
    about what to write
    on my two little
    chalkboards! I'd
    already pinned the
    first image {probably
    from YOU} but love
    the other inspired
    images! Thanks and
    have a fun week : )

    xo Suzanne

  5. Great images, Elizabeth, for this very special month. Enjoy your week!

  6. These are great, Elizabeth! I wish I could write like that - my chalkboards just end up looking like a bit mess! I just bought a slate cheeseboard and soapstone pencils for someone as a gift and I wish I could write "Merry Christmas" on it before I give it to them. Enjoy the crazy week!! xoxox


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