Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Adventure Continues

Good morning! I wish I could say that that is the case here, the house is FREEZING, OK it is 50 in the house but that is still cold. 

Still  no TV and Internet and the heat is not going to be fixed for two days, to top it all off I have been gone for seven days to Paris, yes that Paris, so mail is piled to the side of the table, the porch was stuffed with shipping boxes and my life is chaos. 

In the meantime I am trying to work and this morning I had to lug myself and my printer to Starbucks to get somethings I need for work. Needless to say I do not handle these things well and started crying at Starbucks because apparently I am an idiot and my files have gone to computer oblivion. I could not find them anywhere much less get them to print. 

As for trouble shooting...hard to do from a Starbucks when all of your other stuff is home. Can you tell I am a little frustrated?

I will probably be offline for a few days but when I am back I will share my photos from Paris and tell you all about the trip. 

By the way it was fabulous! I hope you have a great day!!!


  1. Elizabeth - I am sending you a nice warm virtual hug! It is so hard to come back from a delightful trip to discover a problem at home. We once came back from a glorious trip to Italy to discover 6 feet of water in our basement! It's hard to remember it in the midst of everything, but this too shall pass. Just close your eyes and remember PARIS (you lucky girl). xoxox

  2. Dearest Elizabeth...sending you a tight hug, first of all!
    And I was wondering when this trip was happening...what a surprise, you are back already?! How marvelous!!!
    But the heat situation is definitely not marvelous...I am so sorry for all of these issues..hang in there, dear friend!!
    Love to you,
    - Irina

  3. Paris looks fabulous, of course. I'm so sorry you're having such problems with your IT it must be frustrating, I hope it all sorts out soon.

    Jude x

  4. So sorry you are still having trouble....but Paris????? What fun! I can't wait to hear about it. I do sympathize with you. This time last year we were returning from Sweden, and the pressure was on at home and at school. Sit back and enjoy a hot chocolate. I wish I were there to treat you to a cuppa. Stay warm!

  5. Paris! Heavenly!

    I hear you on the
    frustrations, but
    hopefully it will all
    sort itself out. Until
    then, take care of
    yourself and try not
    to stress.....

    xo Suzanne

  6. Dearest Elizabeth, I see my comments have escaped into oblivion again...yikes!
    Anyway, dear friend, I was sending prayers that you get your heat back very soon! And Paris has come and gone already??!! Wow!
    How fabulous!!
    Ok, on to the newest post..I hope this goes through.. :)
    - Irina


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