Friday, January 25, 2013

Google Art Project and the Arm Chair Traveler

Happy Friday! It is still early morning and I am ready to jump back  in bed and snuggle in for the weekend. The weather is frigid and lends itself to a pile of beautiful books and a cup of something warm to accompany me on my journey.

 This weekend I have decided to be an arm chair traveler and explore some old familiar friends as well as some new ones. 

 I have many books, probably too many but that is a story for another day, and recently came across these Great Museums of the World books on my shelf. 

What better place to "visit" this weekend than some of my favorite museums as well as some that I have not had the pleasure of getting to know?

I am fascinated by museums and can sit for hours staring at my favorite pieces; trying to imagine how it was painted, where, in what setting, and the meaning behind each person or setting. 

Although I have been to many of the great museums of Europe I often find that some of my most memorable moments were in tiny relatively unknown museums where treasures abound. A small Renoir at the Limoges Museum or an alabaster,  Egyptian burial piece from the Richmond Museum, or the largest collection of Monet outside of France in Philadelphia. 

What is your favorite museum? Do you have a favorite artist, genre or piece that speaks to you?

If you are like me and you you love art than pick up a book and visit one of your favorite pieces this weekend.  If you do not have any books handy than visit the Google Art Project where you can currently visit 184 collections, featuring 7758 artists, and 37,006 artworks! 

The Google Art Project is an amazing feat and each time I visit I am amazed by the scope of the project and the accessibility of art from well know to small collections. It is fascinating to me to really be able to look, up close and personal at my favorite piece, and to see each brush stroke. 

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend, be safe!


  1. Hello Elizabeth:
    We can think of no better way to spend a bitterly cold weekend than 'revisiting' some of the many galleries and works of art seen in past times. We totally concur with you that, so often, it is the relatively small, unknown museums and art galleries which remain firmly locked in the mind.

    We recall with great affection the intimacy of the Courtauld collection in London, which was just like being in a private apartment, before it was all moved to the rather impersonal Somerset House.

    Kellemes hétvégét.

  2. That is so neat about the Google art project...I think I will have to explore it on my "day off" on Sunday! I agree about Museums, I could walk around all day and never get tired of being is fascinating and wondrous to think about the history of each much to learn about our past. I think the Frick here in NY, the Barnes Foundation in Philly and in Paris I think it was called Musee Rudin? Small and fabulous...and of course there are many I haven't been to that I hope I will get the opportunity to! Enjoy your cozy weekend at home!

  3. My dear, I have my ticket to join you some time this weekend for some armchair traveling.

    Let's walk up into that book, magazine or whatever strikes your fancy. I have some coconut chocolate tea, some strawberry chocolate and tons of other flavors that will make the trip even sweeter. ENJOY!

  4. I'm an artist, and this is the first I've heard about it. Thanks so much for posting! :D

  5. Funny, I just got done saying to my son that I wanted to visit the Museum of Fine Arts soon - so relaxing. xo

  6. I didn't know about this - this is fantastic!

    Great share - am going to book mark - Thanks

  7. Museums are a wonderul way to spend a cold day. Love the Chihuly piece above and got to see his exhibit when it was at the Museum of Fine Arts last year. Of course you know I love textiles and get lost in them so any museum that has them that's where you'll find me.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Isn't it fun being an armchair traveler?! That's what I love about writing my blog - I get to do it every day!

    Google Art Project is VERY much fun to see museums where you haven't been (I haven't seen the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam but was able to see it virtually).

    My favorite museums are the Musee D'Orsay in Paris (everyone's favorite, I know, but it's just SO perfect)...also the Musee Marmottan in Paris and the Frick in NYC. My favorite artist is Jean Francois Millet - his paintings have brought me to tears!

    Stay warm this weekend...xoxoxo

  9. Hello Elizabeth,
    I have just found your lovely blog. So pleased to hear of the Google Art Project - what a wonderful idea! For me, my favourite museums have to be the Frick Collection on 5th Avenue in NY - small and intimate. Closer to home here in London, it is the Wallace Collection which is exquisite. I hope you are having a lovely weekend.


  10. Thank you, dear Elizabeth, for the link to this project...oh no...I could spend hours there!!
    I, too, love my art books, and the MIA here in town is a phenomenal museum...we have a Chihuly on the foyer too :)...I just love it....
    Tomorrow is Fauchon Tea Time for me! I can finally taste and happy...
    Merci, chere amie...have a beautiful day...
    - Irina


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