Monday, January 21, 2013

Parental Guidance, Vintage Finds, Cinnamon Rolls & More

Good morning! Did you enjoy your weekend? Mine was so relaxing that I did not want it to end. 

Detail of a painting I purchased this weekend.

I was visiting with my mother, sister and niece this weekend and we did all of our favorite things and more. Baking, eating, reading, sipping cocoa by the fire, watching movies and more. 

Friday night we went to the movies, which I have not done in donkeys years. I typically like to watch movies at home as I like to read magazines and books while watching the movie. Doesn't everyone like to multi-task while relaxing and watching a movie? 
As there is not a large selection of family friendly movies we settled on Parental Guidance, which I am happy to say we enjoyed. Although, I have since read many bad reviews I thought the movie was entertaining.
Have you seen it? Let me ask you did it look as if Billy Crystal and Bette Midler had some work done to preserve their youth? I have not seen either of them for some time and they look very different.

Aside from the movie, we baked more Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls, played games, and of course went in search of a few antiques. Although I tried to restrain myself I did come home with a few treasures, sadly some brown transferware for my collection was not one of the items. 

Vintage finds 

Tell me, what did you do this weekend? Do you have some movies, books or recipes to share? As you know I am fond of soup and desserts so please share your recipes and links.

Detail from another painting I found.

I hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. Good Morning Elizabeth, You sound like you had a fun filled weekend.
    Parental Guidance has been advertised here, I thought it looked fun, so we might go to the cinema to see the film. This week we are going to see The Quartet with Maggie Smith.
    We did very little this weekend as we have been snowed-in....but it gave me the opportunity to cook, sew and favourite things.
    I love your blue and white dishes.....just up my street.
    Have a lovely day,
    Best Wishes

  2. GOOD MORNING! I love Bette Midler and Billy Crystal and if they did any work on themselves, I wish they would not have. I wish people would just let themselves trust in their souls to shine through the love and talent that they possess.

    What a GREAT FIND IN THAT PAINTING! The colors and style is what I love and would hang in a heartbeat in my home!

    It is flippin' cold here this week. Well below zero and NO SNOW to insulate! So hot tea it is for me!

    Much love my dear, Anita

  3. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me! Yes saw it along with three others, a virtual record for me!
    I thought it was a mix of silly, corny but fun. I thought Billy and Bette were a hoot and I got a kick out of them. There were parts that seemed really flat but they made the movie. On another movie note, a movie you will LOVE, I know it if you haven't' seen it....The well diggers daughter. Its French and really one of the best movies i have seen in a long long time. Highly recommend it! I am NOT making those cinnabons because literally I will DEVOUR the entire will power!

  4. Hi, Elizabeth - Love, love your paintings!!! That first one is beautiful. I love the texture and composition. Is it framed? Happy Monday ~ Loi

  5. Hello Elizabeth
    Your painting looks very interesting and I love the colours and texture.

    Your weekend sounded perfect. I saw Billy Crystal recently on TV and did not recognize him but his voice sounded familiar

    Helen xx

  6. It sounds like the perfect weekend...I love your paintings you bought! Take care and stay warm! xoxoxo

  7. I'm so glad for you, dear friend...what a wonderful weekend!
    The paintings are beautiful.....
    And just today, my DD was asking to see this movie! Two of my favorite actors...
    On to catch up with more...
    Sending love,
    - Irina


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