Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snow Magic

"Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood."
~Andy Goldsworthy~

Good morning! Guess what? It snowed! I won't be taking a snow day today or anything like that but it's OK, 3-4 inches makes me as happy as if there were a blizzard. 

Yesterday afternoon the snow came down for an hour or two in light fluffy flakes and created a magical wonderland.

I was so excited I could have danced a jig and threw myself to the ground to make a snow angel. I refrained and just quietly enjoyed it. 

I did make the first tracks!

 I grew up in the Midwest and some of my happiest days were spent frolicking in the snow or just sitting inside watching the flakes flutter to the ground creating a magical wonderland. 

I miss that as we do not get much snow in my part of the country. 

Today I feel rejuvenated; the fresh fallen snow and the beauty left in its wake has me grinning from ear to ear. 

I realize that for many Summer is their favored time of the year but for me it is the opposite.

 I enjoy winter, whether I am inside nesting or outside enjoying the chill in the air, the breeze in my hair and the snow landing softly on my cheeks. It brings a smile to my face and a spring to my step. 

It truly is the little things in life that bring the most pleasure. If you are a fellow snow lover I hope that you were lucky enough to get some too, if not I am sure that before winter is over you will have your fill. 

I hope you enjoy your day, stay warm and safe. 


  1. Such pretty photos. I love to watch it snow! I can watch snow all day long.

  2. Elizabeth I wish you were my next door neighour. I love the snow and we could go out to play! SO many people dislike it and i'm like you, it brings back all those fond memories of being a kid!!

    I hope you have a wonderful day! xx

  3. Yes, indeed! I'm a fan of snow and winter :) As soon as I woke up, put on my coat and ran outside to inspect. So pretty!! I think we might be getting more snow, Elizabeth.
    Enjoy and be safe ~

  4. loving the snowy gates and iron!

    smiles to you.


  5. Saw your comment, I'm in Scotland and am dying to move to the US, the grass is always greener.

  6. Just came across your blog. Those are beautiful pictures. I love your blog name by the way. Have a great day!

  7. I am seriously jealous now. We BETTER be getting that snow they are predicting...Tues was a serious letdown. Your pics are beautiful...enjoy it!

  8. I am so very envious! I am very fond of winter, and your pictures are absolutely lovely bringing such joy. Enjoy your snow dear.

  9. So pretty! What is it about a snow fall that makes us feel like kids .. or frolicking in the snow?! We get a little snow living at the higher elevations/foot hills in WA state. The forest looks so pretty when covered in white and the roads often close because they aren't easily accessible by snow plows.

    Enjoy every minute!


  10. Such beautiful photos...and HOORAY! So glad you finally got some, dear friend!
    Enjoy it for me too!!! :)
    Nothing here yet...tomorrow it's ice pellets for us...yikes...


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