Monday, January 28, 2013

Transferware, Tea, and Weekend Treats

Good morning! How was your weekend? Relaxing? Filled with adventure? It snowed several inches both Friday and Saturday and made for an enchanting evening as it fell in big fluffy flakes by the light of the moon. 

Image Pine Cones and Acorns

I spent way too many hours on Google Art Project enjoying some of my favorite museums and studying the techniques and brush strokes of many of my favorite artists. Many of you commented that you had never hear of it, and thought perhaps it was new but in fact, it was launched on February 1, 2011 with 14 museums and one year later it announced agreements with 151 museums!

I think it is an unbelievable undertaking and a fascinating project. For many it is the only opportunity that they will ever have to see some of the great works  of art from around the world and for others it is the opportunity to study and learn from the Master's themselves. I hope you explore it if you are an art fan, it is addicting just like 

Aside from that I went to a few antique stores, enjoyed two books and watched Downton Abbey among other things. 

Can you believe all of the drama and the excitement? I don't want to give anything away because I know that some of the people who read my blog do not watch Downton on Sunday but stream it at a later date. Let me just say, this weeks episode does not disappoint. 

What did you think of Dowton Abbey?  Did you enjoy it? Were you lucky enough to get any snow(for those of us who have been missing it)? Make anything tasty treats? You know I love new books, movies and recipes so please share.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

P.S If you like chocolate come over to  Once Upon a Chocolate Life and check out my latest chocolate experiment, chocolate pancakes. Delicious!


  1. Hello Elizabeth:
    Your teatime treats reflected our weekend too where we demonstrated the making of scones to our Norwegian friend who is intent on having a very English Afternoon Tea, perhaps somewhat in the manner of Downton Abbey.

    1. Jane and Lance,

      I have never made scones, I will have to get your recipe! Frankly there is nothing so civilized as a proper English tea.

  2. The Google art project is AMAZING!! I was able to "visit" several museums...what an incredible idea! To think its the next best thing to being there...and for those who might never get the chance, ever this is truly awesome.
    I am not even going to look at your chocolate know I am helpless next to the stuff. Got a dusting. A pretty dusting, I will take what I can get:)

  3. I finally took the weekend off and was a total lump for most of it and totally enjoyed doing nothing. I did check out the Google art project as I had never heard of it either and love it. We're getting snow now and love it when it lightly falls and I get to hike Dylan in it, it's so peaceful.

    Enjoy your day Elizabeth!


    1. Debra,

      I am happy to hear that you finally let yourself have a weekend off. I know it is a busy time for you but you do not want to get run down.

      Enjoy your snow, I love it when it is lightly falling and took many walks myself this weekend.

      Have a great week, xx Elizabeth

  4. Precious friend...

    We have downloaded ALL eight existing episodes of season three and have watched them all....TWICE! WE LOVE DOWNTON and every episode never, ever disappoints. We have always been tea drinkers, but since Downton, I have to:

    plant some climbing roses against my brick house
    use my silver tea set more
    wear my 1920s vintage jewelry more
    read more Jane Austen!

    WE GOT SNOW TOO! FINALLY! Enjoy every chocolate morsel you take in and read away! LOVE! Anita

    1. Anita,

      Hello dear friend! I am so excited that you had some snow, it is magical!

      I think that there are many who are pulling out the tea service and perhaps relaxing a bit more!

      Have a great week, xoxo Elizabeth

  5. I love transfer-ware...i have several collections, but my favorite is blue and white. The chocolate pancakes look amazing!

    1. The pancakes are DELICIOUS!!! I too love transferware and love the blue and white, there are so many patterns I find myself wanting some of each.

  6. It's a perfect day for tea here in New Jersey. Nasty day = tea.
    Loved your post.

    For some reason, I've forgotten to watch DOWNTON ABBEY and now it seems I'll have to play catch-up online. But I've been reading a bunch of Georgette Heyer books which go perfectly with tea. :)

    1. Yvette,

      I hope that you enjoy your nasty day with a big mug of tea or cocoa and a nice book!

      I recently read a few Georgette Heyer books, always a favorite.

  7. Oh Elizabeth, Oh last night's heart aches. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Bonnie

    1. Bonnie,

      I think there are many shedding a tear at last nights episode.

      I did have a fabulous weekend! I hope that you did too!

  8. I am just not into it, not my cup of tea, so to speak:):) The google museum thing sounds awesome and I will check it out. XO, Pinky

  9. Your posts always make me hungry!!! I love Google Art Project...I feel like I can travel even when I am at home! Downton was heart wrenching...

    Thank you for your thoughtful comment on my post the other day!


  10. Love the blue and white. Chocolate pancakes...I must try that.

  11. Chocolate chip pancakes.. I used to make those for my kids :) I will check out the google art project. Sounds interesting and what a great idea!

    Downton Abby is a wonder series. I've caught up with it in the middle of the series so I will need to catch up by watching the previous episodes.

    Enjoy your day!


  12. Enjoyed dipping in to the Google Museum - thank you for telling me about it! Kept missing so many episodes of Downton Abbey - not because I wasn't enjoying it! Thrilled when Father Christmas put the box set of series 1 - 3 in my stocking, so I have got hours of happy catching up ahead!

  13. What a lovely, inviting tea tray you've set! Can't you imagine a chilly Sunday night, with your beautiful snow, enjoying tea and chocolate, while watching Downton Abbey? Sounds wonderful!
    Last week's Downton was so "on the edge of my seat", I stayed up until midnight when Masterpiece airs it again and watched it for a second time. I have to get control of myself!


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