Friday, January 18, 2013

Weekend Plans

Good morning! I hope you had a great week. I did but I am ready for the weekend.  I have fabulous plans for the weekend; visiting my sister and niece where we will be doing all of our favorite and relaxing things. 

We will be snuggled in our favorite blankets, sitting by the fire, reading stacks of magazines and books. 

Then we will do a little baking, drink a little tea and perhaps take a nap.

After which we will go a nice long walk along our favorite trails. Sadly I do no think we will be seeing any snow but with the frigid temperatures that we are supposed to get one never knows. I have my fingers crossed. 

And last but not least we will be visiting all of our favorite antique stores, where I am sure that we will add to our collections. Lately I am like a moth to a flame anytime I see a piece of transferware so hopefully I can find a few pieces in my favorite colors brown and white. 

What are your plans? Will you be traveling? Baking? Working? Relaxing? Reading? Do you have any recommendations for books or movies, I am always looking for a good suggestion. 

Whatever your plans, I hope you have a wonderful and safe weekend. Enjoy!


  1. Hello Elizabeth:
    This all sounds very jolly indeed. Snowing here as we write this!

    Kellemes hétvégét!

  2. GOOD MORNING MY DEAR! I woke up thinking of you because we were able to upload season three episodes 1-8 last night of Downton Abby! WE SAW ALL OF THEM LAST NIGHT until Midnight! OH WHAT I HAVE BEEN MISSING! This is splendid, just a wonderful show.

    Well my weekend sounds like yours. Tea, rest, drawing and general relaxation until I make another three-day work week next week. Ahhhh....loving this all! Anita

  3. Your weekend sounds perfect. I am looking forward to a three day weekend. I hope you are treated to a little bit of the white stuff. Enjoy! Bonnie

  4. Hello Elizabeth

    Your plans sound like fun. Cooler today and we painted in my studio

    Enjoy your weekend.

    Helen xx

  5. How wonderful to spend the weekend with your sister and niece. Enjoy!! xoxox

  6. Hi sweet friend!

    Your weekend sounds
    divine. I am about to
    leave to meet a bunch
    of friends at our local
    pancake house. One of
    my good pals is in town
    {sadly, to attend her FIL's
    funeral, yesterday} so I
    cobbled together this little
    breakfast of her old gang.

    The rest of the weekend
    will be cozy and restful,
    a lot like yours, as we are
    heading into the deep freeze,
    tonight. High of -2 on

    Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

    xo Suzanne

  7. I also love brown and white transferware. I hope you have a wonderful time with your sister, sounds like you will be doing some very fun things!

  8. hi Elizabeth!
    I hope you and your sister and neice are having a wonderful weekend and found some great finds at the antqiue shop you mentioned. I love brown and white transferware too- and have always fought the urge to collect it (cuz lord knows I don't need another collection;) Loved how you described the snow- I couldn't agree more!

  9. Sounds wonderful, dear Elizabeth...are they in Wisconsin too?I hope you have a fun and relaxing time....
    I am looking forward to Downton this evening, as I wait for this cold to finally flee...(my cold, not the outside cold...although that would be nice as well...hee) I finally tasted a Fauchon chocolate...I could taste it and smell yummy! Merci, chere amie...(the tea is next)
    - Irina


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