Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013!!!

Good morning and happy 2013! I hope you enjoyed your New Years celebrations. Mine was wonderful, a lazy day filled with tasty treats, a good book, a couple glasses of champagne, my husband,  pup and a few members of my family.

I think I may continue to celebrate by doing the same thing today. What about you? Are you excited for 2013? Do you have any resolutions? 

I have no resolutions this year, I simply want to live smarter, be kinder, eat healthier, have more adventures and be happy.  I know that I could come up with a list of resolutions but lets face it, sometimes or most times after just a few weeks life takes over and things fall by the wayside. 

Tell me what are your plans for the 2013, I would love to hear all about your resolutions and if you are successful at keeping them? If you are like me and not making any than I would love to hear that too!

Have a great day and a very happy and blessed 2013!


  1. WOW YOU ARE FAST!!! I too am here at the computer and I wish you THE BEST WITH YOUR WILD AND BEAUTIFUL LIFE!!!!!! Anita

  2. ahhhhhh. lazy days with good books and champagne are what i need right now too. what a lovely post filled with cheer and wisdom.

    best to you in the new year, lovely blogger.


  3. Ha! Those saying resonate with me well. I normally try to come up with a few, but frankly most don't "pan out". When I really want to do something, it will get done and it doesn't have to happen Jan. 1st:)
    Cheers to lazy days...I have had more than my share (being a nurse to hubby) but on one hand its allowed me to catch up on a lot of the fun relaxing things (movies, blogs, organizing around the house). Today is freezing and since hes still sick...it will be another day of movie watching, snacking and hanging....I am not complaining because soon enough my hectic life will resume:)
    Cheers to 2013!

  4. Lots of positive inspirational quotes! Wishing you all the best in the new year Elizabeth!


  5. "Out to Live"
    this is totally priceless.

  6. Happy New Year. I hope you have great health and happieness for 2013.


  7. What a great post, that's just how I am feeling too....no specific resolutions, more a general focus on happiness and wellbeing.

    I wish you a very happy 2013!!

    Simone XX

  8. Hi there Elizabeth.....We stayed in last night and enjoyed a nice dinner and went to bed early, I needed the rest. I never make resolutions I prefer to make plans for adventures. We been lazy today and tomorrow it's backk to the real world but at least it's a short week!

    Wishing you and yours a joyous, healthy and very Happy New Year!



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