Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Little Moments

Good morning! I hope you are having a great week. I am back at work today and getting back into my routine. Tuesday night was my aunts "final farewell" and it was beautiful, as far as those things can be. A wonderful celebration, peppered with tears, laughter and a LOT of family.

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I do not know if I have mentioned this before, if I have pardon me for repeating, my mother has 9 brothers and sisters, so when we gather for any occasion there are a lot of people. 

As we are spread across the country and in a few foreign countries it is obviously hard to see one another often but when we do I leave feeling blessed to come from such a large and loving family. I also always learn a few things. 

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Over the last week these are a few things I learned:

1. Family and friends are all you need in this world, they hold your hand, they share your pain and your triumph and no matter what your troubles, it is all water under the bridge in a time of crisis. 

2. Love and money cannot not heal all wounds or ailments. 

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3. The simple things in life are the most extraordinary.

4. Live in the moment, because sometimes that is all there is. 

5. If we threw all of our problems in a pile, and then saw everyone else's,  we would grab ours back. 

Brighton the Day

6. During a crisis, one finds strength they never knew they had. 

7. Crying in a group is healing. 

8. Everything can change in the blink of an eye. 

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9.  It is Ok to get mad at God. 

10. Life is a gift. 


Thank you again for your very kind comments, prayers and best wishes, I needed them. 

Enjoy your day!


  1. Hello Elizabeth:
    We are so pleased to learn that all was well, in as much as it can be, at your Aunt's funeral.

    There is so much truth in the ten things which you give as examples of having been learnt.

  2. Some wonderful sentiments here Elizabeth. Time is a great healer and you are left with some wonderful memories. Your family sound marvellous and cherished, as it should be.
    Much love.

  3. Well said and I agree with every single thing you said. I am glad it went as well as could be expected, I agree being together and having each other for support is a huge help in the healing process. You do need someone to lean on in times of sorrow....and family and friends can take us from situations that seem unbearable to "doable". Sending a hug your way Elizabeth:)

  4. Very beautifully and eloquently said, Elizabeth...good reminders on how to deal with the tough times and, frankly, every day. xoxo

  5. Returning to a routine can be soothing. Yes it is family and friends who hold us up when we are being taken to the ground. How lovely to come from such a wonderfully large family. Bonnie

  6. Sweet words of truth sorry for your loss.

  7. Amen, beautiful Elizabeth...
    You are so wise, dear friend.
    Beautiful, beautiful post.
    - Irina


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