Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More Vintage Jewlery and Blogger Shops

Good morning! I hope you are keeping warm, yesterday it was 11 degrees and -18 with the windchill! I love Winter but I do not like feeling as if I am in Siberia. Are you bracing for a blizzard? Or getting ready for a warm spell this week?

I mentioned yesterday that I collect vintage brooches, but I also collect shoe clips and interesting jewelry. Not necessarily to wear but just because. Am I the only one that does that?

I found this interesting piece, with the pearls and I do not know what it is, maybe you do. It is just one long strand with the pearls and rhinestones on each end. It could be a necklace that you just wrap around in what ever configuration you like. It is not marked and the finish is coming off some of the other beads but I think has has character. 

As for the brooch above, I love a crown and a crest, not to mention a topaz colored stone or two. 

I have said this before, in fact I said it yesterday but there is such beauty in the patina of old items. The craftsmanship, the history, the nicks, and scratches all tell a story. I have always been very sentimental but as I age I am becoming more and more so. 

I find so much joy and value in old things. Perhaps because I wish that as I age people still see the joy and value in me?

This is a piece from Yonks that is similar to something I purchased last year. 

If you enjoy beautiful antiques than do visit my friend Di at Yonks, she has many beautiful European antiques in her shop that she acquires at auctions all over the UK. In fact yesterday she had a fabulous salt glaze pitcher with a pewter lid, sadly I missed out on that. 

If you are looking for one of a kind vintage textiles or pillows than you must visit Debra from Acquired Objects. Her fabulous store Oreillers features pillows made from 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th century fabrics. I am seriously blown away each time I visit by the beauty and the history of these pieces. 

Finds from Sentimental Gardens

Of course there are always wonderful items to be found at Sentimental Gardens which is owned by Debra of 5th and State. I love to go to St. Charles to see her latest finds and hope this summer to visit her Chicago store when I attend the BlogHer Convention. 

There are so many other bloggers that have shops, like Tone on Ton, The Enchanted Home, Splendid Willow, Castles, Crowns and Cottages, and more that I could do a post weekly, in fact I think I might!

If you own a store, or an online shop I would love know know about it! 

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hello Darling Girl,
    Thanks so much for the mention. You are so supportive to so many. What would we do without you. WP is confusing me but I'm working on it at a slow pace. Once I figure it out you'll be the first to know. The salt glaze pitcher is beautiful. It sold yesterday to a lady in New York. I don't come along those that often but will let you know next time. I didn't know you liked them.

    I will write a long email to you with an update.
    Have a wonderful day dear friend.
    Much love.

  2. Oh, you sweet person, YOU! To mention me amongst these fabulous women? Thank you my dear. We all offer so many various things that speak to different part of our art appreciation sensibilities. I LOVE TINA'S SHOP, Di's Etsy is a candy store, and my space is for the child within us. I think that is cool. AND I think it is kind of you to mention us!

    I have a lovely collection of brooches that you would love - and I wear them, too! So much fun, isn't it? And watching Downton Abbey has made me even more "keen" on silver! I have a tea set that is hiding in the closet, but I need to bring that baby OUT and celebrate! I even contacted Di to ask her to keep an eye out for a silverplated cake stand, like the one for Lady Edith's wedding cake! We influence each other, don't we?

    We are also bracing ourselves in this infernally cold weather. I am however, taking OFF to California on March 4 and hopefully catch some warmth. One day it could be 80, but then the next it could be raining.

    Have a glorious day! Anita

  3. Wow Elizabeth thank you for the heads up about my textiles it's appreciated! Funny but I only wear estate jewelry there's something about the old stuff that calls my name. They keep saying we're going to warm up but you couldn't tell today the wind is blowing and it's bitter out and I still need to hike Dylan...ugh!

    Enjoy your day!

  4. Love your collection Elizabeth...just beautiful. A woman after my own heart. :)
    Jeanne xx


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