Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Gestures and Gifts

Good morning! Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. As I mentioned the other day I am not a huge fan of marking a single day to celebrate love. Don't get me wrong, I am not going to turn my nose up at a  beautiful love letter, a vase of flowers or a special night out. 

I personally subscribe to little romantic gestures all year long. I love to leave cards or notes in my husbands suitcase when he goes out of town. Other times I  put "post it notes" in books he is reading reminding him of how much I love him or how special he is to me. 

Often times we travel together for our respective companies to the same trade shows (we work for competitive companies) and if he has clients to entertain at night and I do not he always brings dessert back to the hotel for me. 

Frequently I will find a box delivered with things he thinks I might like; books, a piece of camera equipment, or something he has found that reminds him of our adventures over the last 18 years. Little gestures that mean the world to me. 

All photos taken by me all recipes on my other blog Once Upon a Chocolate Life

Love is a special and treasured gift and if one is lucky enough to find someone to share your laughter, tears, good times and bad they deserve to be celebrated more often than once a year. But if you are trying to make tomorrow special for your Valentine remember this, love is about the little moments, and the little gestures as well as the grand. 

Why not bake them something special or make a favorite meal? Find their favorite flower instead of just any bouquet? Write a beautiful letter or poem? Watch their favorite movie instead of yours?

Whatever you do, enjoy!


  1. This is very sweet and tender. Your husband sounds like an incredibly thoughtful man. I agree its more about the little quiet gestures than it is the big splashy gifts....those small things mean way more to me than any gift, and I truly mean it. Now...that's not to say I don't expect a nice big box of chocolates:)

  2. Yes, all year round is the perfect time and place to celebrate out biggest gift to each other and to GOD: LOVE.

  3. Very sweet... much better than just one day....

  4. A perfect valentine post. Bonnie

  5. A beautiful post, dear friend!
    I agree with you that it's the little gestures throughout the special...
    You are very lucky to have other! :)
    Much love,
    - Irina


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