Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's Day Musings

Good morning! I hope that you survived the storm of the year. We received about 7 inches of beautiful but heavy wet snow. There will be no snow day today but that is OK because that means my husband will arrive as scheduled, and we will be able to spend the weekend relaxing. 

I was thinking this week about about Valentine's Day and wondering do you celebrate? What do you do? Make a special dinner? Go out to a favorite restaurant?

Do you give and receive gifts? Chocolates? Flowers? 

Jewelry? Do you take a romantic trip? Or something else?

To be honest, sometimes we do celebrate, and other years we don't. If my husband is traveling he always sends me fabulous white tulips and a card and I usually just send a card. My husband is actually very romantic and does little things all year for me, flowers, candy, little gifts from his trips.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy all of the snow or perhaps the warm spell that other parts of the country are having. I will be going out to dinner with friends, hopefully seeing Lincoln and just enjoying a little quite after a very long week.



  1. No snow for us yet and it was supposed to start a bit last night so guessing their monster storm is a dud….lol. We do the exact same thing as you do Elizabeth since we each do little things all year round. The husband sends me orange roses since that’s my favorite color and we trade cards. To be honest my husband is much more romantic then I am and is always doing something sweet.

    I hope you enjoy your snow and weekend!

  2. Hi there...LOVE those white tulips! I am up very early and headed to the market ahead of all the crowds, stood in a GAS LINE last night (so eerily reminiscent of Storm Sandy)! People are in a panic but on the other hand if the weather predictions are right we are getting a ton of snow. We have a tradition of going out with one of my best friends and her husband ever year, we have done this for years and its a tradition we all look very forward to. Hope whatever you do is wonderful!!

  3. I hope you have
    a lovely, quiet weekend
    with time to reflect
    on all that has transpired
    in the last week or so.
    I was so sorry to read
    about your aunt, who
    sounds like a beautiful

    I love Valentine's Day,
    mainly because it is a
    day where we stop at
    some moment and
    acknowledge those who
    mean so much to us.
    I guess we should be
    doing this everyday, but
    in the hustle of modern
    life, we don't always do
    that : )

    Lovely pics, Elizabeth!

    Happy Weekend,
    xo Suzanne

  4. Dearest Elizabeth,

    Valentine's Day is the day Ruben and I met, now 31 years ago! It is a day however, that just passes and we often forget.

    I wish you constant peace at this time my dear friend. Anita

  5. Like you Elizabeth, I have a very romantic husband! Every day is Valentine's day......We exchange cards and usually cook something extra special. Stay warm in the snow!

    Sophia x

  6. We always go out to a special dinner, but don't give each other gifts, just cards. Enjoy your weekend and I am sure you will like Lincoln!

  7. Seven inches....I think this is the forecast for Mpls. tomorrow, we shall see!
    I'm glad your hubby will be home on time.
    The snow is so beautiful when fresh!
    I love Valentine's Day...always have...
    We try to eat a special dinner at home as a family, and always exchange little gifts...
    I hope yours will be romantic and beautiful, dear friend!!
    Your photos are making my mouth sweet tooth is calling... :)
    Love and blessings...
    - Irina

  8. Just send those chokkie-doo-dahs over here pronto Missy I need a fix! x


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