Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Books and Bonbons

Good morning! I think I have mentioned this almost every week since January, but are you getting ready for the "storm of the year?" We are set to get another does of the white stuff and I do not think it is the fluffy kind this week; if I am not mistaken it is more of the heavy wet stuff. 

I hate to say this because I LOVE winter, but I wish it would stop, after all Spring is only 15 days away. 

If you are going to be stuck inside,  here are a few books I recently read that you might find interesting. 

The Diving Bell and The Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby
I mentioned this book last week, it is excellent! One of the best books I have read in a long time. 

The Love of My Youth by Mary Gordon
Do you ever wonder what happened to your first love? Mary Gordon weaves the tale of Miranda and Adam who meet by accident in Rome 36 years after they fell in love and their dreams of being together died. Each day for three weeks they meet in museums, parks, cafe, and gardens and walk and talk and share dreams, memories and secrets. 

The Season of Second Chances by Diane Meier
I love this book! Joy, trades in her Manhattan life of unfulfilled dreams for something new in Amherst and what she gets is a new house, new friends and much more.  

Between the Tides by Patti Callahan Henry
At 12 years old, a family tragedy causes Catherine's family to move from their beloved home in Seaboro, S.C. Eighteen years later she is forced to confront her past as she returns to scatter the ashes of her father. An excellent, well written and fast read. 

The Book Club by Mary Alice Monroe
This is not a recent book so in fact many of you have probably read it. It is an excellent story about five women who are members of a book club. The book chronicles their friendships, as well as, the trials and tribulations of life; a cheating husband, the death of a spouse, cancer and so much more. 

As for the bonbons, they are dark chocolate caramels with French sea salt and they are scrumptious. Are you a fan of bonbons? Not necessarily while reading but for an occassional treat?

Be safe in the storm, and enjoy your day. If you have read any of these books I would really enjoy hearing your opinion of them or perhaps a suggestion for a good book. 


  1. I love your book recommendations, it's lovely to discover new authors. And as for Bonbons, I love them so much that we called one of our beautiful greyhounds Bonbon, it was a perfect name for the sweetest little girl.
    Jude x

  2. Now that I am officially on my diet...coming here could be dangerous:) But I will admire all your bon bons and yummy confections from afar...good thing I can't reach inside the computer! I read The book club and funny a friend gave me The season for second chances, but I have yet to get to it, she never said if she loved it or not, but we did a book swap of books we had each already read, and now you have piqued my interest so maybe I will get started on that tonight......thanks and hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!!


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