Monday, March 18, 2013

Getting Ready for Easter and Give Away Winner

Good morning! I hope that you enjoyed your St.Patrick's Day weekend. Did you have a glass of stout and perhaps some corned beef and cabbage?

Sadly, I did not celebrate. Truth be told I actually spent the weekend taking down my Christmas decorations. Yes, I did say Christmas. My only excuse is that because of work, family commitments and travel I have been unable to get it done until now. 

Now that I have finished that task, I am frantically getting ready for guests who arrive on Saturday and will be staying until after Easter. I am searching for recipes for Easter breakfast and dinner. Any ideas?

Do you have any recipes to share? Muffins, coffee cake, breakfast casserole? 

Or some side dishes for Easter lunch/dinner? I am having a hard time coming up with something new.

I love traditional Easter fare but I feel like a little change, so any suggestions and links to recipes are more than welcome. 

Oh before I forget, the winner of the Paris Flea Market Style book is..... Cheri! Congratulations! The book is fabulous I think you will love it. Please send me your address at

Enjoy your day!


  1. Elizabeth! Good morning! We have snow falling at the moment, and I have to run out to work, but spring HAS to be coming, right????

    I hope you get those Christmas decorations put away and IN WITH THE SPRING flowers! I cannot believe Easter is just two weeks away. Well my friend, you have had a truly busy season, and I hope you can get some rest. This week I need to get my résumés in to once again start the process of full-time work....oh well.

    Much love! Anita

  2. I laughed about the Christmas decor...I have been tempted to keep it up way longer than most but can hear the comments now...but why not, everything is so beautiful for Christmas, why not enjoy it a little longer!
    For Easter we normally are not here, so can't help you there...though this year we might be and may have family coming in (still figuring it out)so I may be scouring blogland for recipes myself:)

  3. Too funny about the Christmas decorations...been there! Thank you for your sweet comment and follow...the best part, is now I'm here enjoying checking out your blog...hello, new follower! I love breakfast foods. I shared a recipe for easy cream cheese danishes that is awesome: yummy, delicious, and look like they took way more effort than they did. I can send it to you, if you'd like.

  4. I still have my antique mercury glass pieces out :( I've been enjoying them during this long winter. But they were meant to come down in January. Congrats to Cheri!

  5. Hi Elizabeth - I had to laugh about the Christmas decos - been there, done that. I just found a reindeer candle on a shelf that I completely forgot to put away. The roses are beautiful and that bunny plate is it an antique? It looks like Herend but I am not familiar with any pieces painted like that.

    Enjoy your day!! xoxox

  6. Hi Elizabeth, I always love ham for Easter dinner. I am sure that the one in Barefoot Contessa is delicious! And potatoes au gratin and asparagus. Love this time of year!

  7. oh you poor thing i can only imagine that feeling of taking down one holiday and getting ready for another, with long term guests! YIKES!

    i get a ton of recipe ideas from pinterest, many quick & really good.


  8. Hello Elizabeth

    Congratulations to Cheri on winning your give away.

    I will be returning to see what your readers have suggested. We have a guest arriving from Spain next week and the following week my "girl's group" are all descending on us. Lots to look forward to but I must get my recipes and shopping in order.
    Helen xx

  9. I feel for you friend, I hope you get eveything taken care of and I am sure you will. I have tons of recipes but unfortunately I can't get to them we are moving and I have boxes everywhere and my cookbooks are packed away. SORRY!!


  10. You have a busy time coming up, dear Elizabeth...and can you believe April is almost here?
    Don't forget to take care of yourself, dear friend.. :)
    I do have a recipe suggestion for is Russia's most famous recipe....and delicious beyond belief (just make sure you add enough onion) is called Olivier can find it on this some reason, Inessa does not call for onion, but it is essential. You can also omit the sour cream.
    It incorporates ham and eggs as well, but in a most delicious way..
    Anita will attest to how addicting it is! Let me know if you decide to try it...
    Much love,
    - Irina


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