Friday, March 1, 2013

Paris Rodin Museum

Good morning! A happy day to you! I have had a terribly busy work week and I am a little tired. Not to mention that for the last week every night as I get ready to go to sleep the wind whips up off of the Lake and the wind chimes start their non-stop symphony, competing with the howling winds, creaking rafters, and little branches hitting the house. 

The Burghers of  Calais

As I have not really had any time this week to visit blog friends and make note of my favorite things I will post about that tomorrow. For today I thought I would share a few images I took in Paris this past December. 

The Gates of Hell

All of the photos were taken at one of my favorite museums, The Musee Rodin. Located in the Hotel Biron, Rodins' home from 1908 until he died, the museum contains a collection of over 400 pieces of art by Rodin, in addition to pieces by Renoir, Van Gogh, Monet and Camille Claudel (Rodins' mistress and student).

Detail from the Gates of Hell
 The museum is a delight to the senses as it sits on over 7 acres in the center of Paris. The gardens are beautiful any time of the year, and offer visitors a chance to walk and enjoy not only the most famous of Rodin sculptures but also the chance to sit and take in the house, fountains and landscape. 


You can also visit the cafe, or the Marble Gallery while strolling around.  The Museum is currently undergoing a two year renovation; there will be  new exhibition rooms, much needed repairs to the parquet floors and more. 


Are you a fan of Rodin? Do you have a favorite piece of his work? Have you been to the Rodin Museum? What did you think?

The Thinker

I visit this museum every time I am in Paris and sometimes more than once. I love to visit my favorite pieces and then take a relaxing stroll in the garden. 

By the way, if you are a fan of Rodin and cannot make it to Paris, there is a fabulous collection of his work in Philadelphia. You can follow this link for more information, Rodin Museum.

I hope that you have a wonderful and safe weekend, enjoy your day!


  1. I’ve been to the Rodin Museum a couple of times but the Louvre is still my favorite for the textiles it carries and for the research I’m always doing. Weather wise it sounds like you’re going through the same thing we’re going through here but spring is just around the corner…..I hope.

    Have a nice relaxing weekend Elizabeth!

  2. Bonjour Elizabeth! When I was in Paris, unfortunately I did not see this museum. We spent two days at the Louvre and still did not see every thing!

    You are still in Wisconsin! It has been warmer here, with the snow thawing, but the winds do kick up. Off to school I go this morning; I wish you are more relaxed day today my friend! Anita

  3. We were there last time we were in Paris and it was wonderful. Love that its manageable in size and feels more intimate than some of the others. Hope you get some downtime this weekend to relax and enjoy...and bake!

  4. What a wonderful trip Elizabeth and an amazing museum. It must of been a trip of a lifetime. Wishing you a good weekend. I am just relieved it's here!!

    Cheers to you x

  5. Hello Elizabeth...this is also one of my favorite places in Paris. I love packing a little picnic to eat in the gardens. My favorite Rodin is the Gates of Hell - very detailed and powerful.

    Do you have a favorite place to stay in Paris (since I know you go a lot) or do you rent an apartment?

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxoxoxo

  6. This is wonderful Elilzabeth..I have not been, just caught glimpses while passing on a bus tour. I love that you go back again and again just to look at your favouite pieces...such a great feeling! Best wishes for a lovely weekend. :)

  7. You are next door???
    Oh my, so wonder all of the snow! :))

    I do hope you get some rest, dear friend...

    These photos are wonderful...
    I had a chance to wander in the gardens, and was mesmerized by "The Thinker"...

    - irina


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