Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Signs of Spring?

Good morning! I took these photos this past weekend thinking that Spring is just around the corner and then today after two days of rain it snowed! Seriously, what is going on with the weather? 

I love tree fungus! This interesting clump is from a birch tree in my mom's garden. As I am not well versed in fungus I am not sure how it grows in the winter. This clump is large and sculptural and at the same time delicate and feathery. 

Although they have had a large amount of snow in the last few weeks there is moss and lichen on many of the trees, as well as little buds. Hopefully they were not damaged by last weeks snowfall and then incessant rain this past weekend. 

 Are you getting ready for Spring? Do you have your plants picked out and your garden beds ready? I have to be honest, I am more of a container gardener. Our house is landscaped in shades of green, with boxwood and holly surrounding the house. Then the rest of the property is filled with azaleas, crepe myrtle, magnolias and lily(which I do not like but hate to up root). 

My plan for spring is to remove shrubs that have gotten too big and replace them with something with more color and to plant a long border of hydrangeas. 

What are your outdoor plans this year? Have you been lucky enough to begin or is the weather putting a damper on your plans?

I hope that you enjoy your day!

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  1. Hi not many signs of spring around here....the snow is still around in some parts but I feel like its very close:) I have been buying spring flowers lately because I am determined to feel spring even if its not really here yet.....I do like winter but happy to usher in the new season!

  2. Isn't it totally exciting to see the signs? YIPEEEE! I keep hearing those icicles smash down on our deck and elsewhere; spring is NOISY around here and I am loving it! Anita

  3. Hello Elizabeth
    I am delighted to see your tree fungus pictures. I have been fascinated by it this winter, and have it growing on my flowering cherry trees. It is so beautiful with its mottled green look. I have been "picking" it to add to a batch of natural potpourri I'm making. I have grand garden plans for spring: creating a night scented white/moon garden. Can't wait to get started when the weather warms up!

  4. I don't know what's with the weather, but it's below freezing right now here in Central Alabama! Neat photos of the fungi!

  5. Hi, Elizabeth - Are your spring bulbs blooming? My crocuses and snowdrops are putting on a nice show. And my Tete-a-Tete daffodils are popping up everywhere. I've been away....didn't know about your giveaway. Will enter now!

  6. I do love the fungus. I know nothing about it, but love to photograph it. Your yard sounds lovely. Container gardening gives you the opportunity to mix things up a little each year. Enjoy the planning. Bonnie

  7. Hey Elizabeth,
    Just popped in for a quick hello. Yes, fungus does grow in the winter, I have some in my bathroom :-)

  8. Spring is just starting here with my bulbs. They are just starting to pop up here an there. If the weather would cooperate we would be further along.


  9. Hello Elizabeth,

    It is very cold and damp here in England and we have had a little more snow! However, I am determined to ignore it, and have quite a lot of flower and vegetable seeds on the go.......keeps me optimistic! Roll on warmer days.....

    Have a lovely day,


  10. No signs of spring here yet and it's snowing out right now but won't be building up thankfully. We have conks or bracket fungus on old birch trees too love it. Moss keeps growing too during the winter and I always wonder how. We started our spring work just before major snow and can't wait to dig into the earth and plant some trees.


  11. Buying tulips is what keeps me in the mood right now!
    The fungus is so pretty...reminds me of ruffles on a dress...
    I have a feeling the weather will be teasing us for a while still...we had ice and snow this morning!
    I am wishing you a beautiful weekend, my dear!!
    - Irina


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