Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Grey and Pink Days

Good morning! It is going to be another rainy week here, but I guess that is better than snow. 

In the last day we have received so much water there are ducks floating in the neighbors yard. Sadly when I tried to get a photo they flew off. 

The azalea's are in full bloom and absolutely beautiful. 

Everything else is getting very green, and growing wildly, including the clover and ivy.

The ivy is running amok and climbing on the house and anything else it can find to climb up. 

Moss is growing sprouting between all of the rocks.

And the clover is taking over the frond yard, which is apparently it is a good thing? At least that is what I read when trying to find a natural way to rid the yard of it. Oddly whatever the landscapers have been using is not working. 

According to my searches, clover takes nitrogen from the air and transfers it to your soil which helps your grass grow lush. In fact clover wasn't considered a weed until herbicides were invented. I guess you learn something new everyday.

Whatever the case the grey rainy days are bringing out the greens, and pinks all over the garden and I love it. I will enjoy it while I can because soon the steamy, hot, heat of long summer days will be here. 

I hope you have a beautiful day where ever you are, and whatever the weather.


  1. Hi there, everything looks so beautiful and lush and green! The pink is so vibrant..love this time of year as everything is starting to bloom isn't it wonderful!

  2. Last year, we were very fortunate to have a LOT of rain, but it came at NIGHT! So the mornings and days were filled with color and fresh air. EVERYTHING LOOKS GREAT MY DEAR! Anita

  3. Elizabeth, Don't you love how green everything becomes with a good rain? Love your azaleas, mine are beginning to drop their blooms. I am hoping our weekly cool snap will prolong them for awhile. What is the flower in the last photo. It looks like something I might need.

    I have the same....clover.... As I told my daughter a few days ago as she was texting photos and asking "weed or not?", one man's weed is another's prized plant.

    For the most I've allowed the ivy to run wherever it wants as long as it stays out of the gutters and doesn't choke things I really really love. Now, if I could only embrace the wild violets which take over the beds. Have a wonderful day! Bonnie

  4. Those azaleas are just beautiful, here were I live it is autumn and we are hoping for rain. Weshould be having cool and wet days by now, instead we have sunshine. I can't complain about the sun but we nead the rain.

  5. Beautiful colors! We have ls of pink azaleas on our property and love them. The picture of the stream is my favorite! xxL

  6. Great pictures and beautiful colors. I didn't know that about clover. Very interesting. Have a great day.


  7. Hi, Elizabeth -
    Everything is so lush and green in DC! My newly planted perennials are all getting a good soaking. They are very happy.....me, too! :) I'll be ready for May flowers soon!!

  8. Love your azaleas! The gray does make the greens look so vivid. Enjoy your garden!

  9. Beautiful shots!

    I remember earlier in the spring walking past a city park, where there was enough water pooled on the grasses that ducks were happily plodding along in the puddles.


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