Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Annapolis Maryland Up Close

Good morning! I was in Annapolis, Maryland a  couple of weeks ago for work and although I had grand plans for a day seeing the historic sights it rained, and rained and rained. 

Finally, when I was back in the hotel, computer set up and ready to do some work it stopped. Not being one to miss an opportunity to see the sights I went to explore and this is what I saw. 

Sadly I could not tell you what anything is because I literally ran around to see as many things as I could before I had to be back for an organized dinner. I will say that the historic area of Annapolis is easy to get around, and if you do not feel like walking or you get tired there is a free trolley. The historic buildings, gardens, and churches are beautiful read brick and old wooden siding, it is like stepping back into the 1700's. 

The boutiques are lovely and sell everything from original art, children's clothing from Belgium, stationary from around the globe, t-shirts and more. As for the restaurants, anything you wish can be found; Indian cuisine, the fresh catch of the day, to cupcakes and tea. 

Have you been to Annapolis? What is your favorite sight to see or place to dine? I would love to know.

I hope you have wonderful day!


  1. I LOVE this part of the country, Elizabeth! Isn't the architecture just fabulous? ENJOY YOUR DAY DEAR ONE! Anita

  2. It's been fun seeing Annapolis through your eyes Elizabeth. I'm glad you ventured back out. I'm sure the rain only accentuated the natural beauty of the area:)


  3. Gorgeous pictures, Elizabeth...if you hadn't told us I would have never known you were rushed! I love Annapolis - such a picturesque town and great local crabs!!

    Have a lovely day!! xoxo

  4. I have not visited yet, but your beautiful photos certainly gave me a feel for it. Like Anita, I love the historic cities...they energize my soul!

    Dearest Elizabeth, thank you so much for popping in...
    I hope you will have your Mother's Day celebration soon...it will be wonderful...
    The four of us went out for an Indian lunch, and it was just nice to spend time together...
    Is it very hot where you are now? Today it feels like we're in Florida, but at least we are seeing everything blossom...what a joy that is!
    Have a splendid week, dear friend...
    Much love and hugs,
    - Irina

  5. How beautiful it looks! I have never been there and so enjoyed seeing your photos! Have a great week!

  6. Elizabeth, I have not had the opportunity to visit Maryland. You have whet my interest. I am covered up with end of the year projects. Your photographs were a nice respite. A couple more late nights in the studio and I hope to be finished. Bonnie

  7. Beautiful shots! I'd love to get a chance to see Annapolis!


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