Thursday, May 2, 2013

Derby Day

Good morning! Thursday morning, and May 2nd, where does the time go? I noticed this week on Pinterest that people were pinning a lot of Christmas stuff! Already?

Horse Sugar Cookies from Bake at 350 Blog

This weekend I plan to enjoy Spring, and all 2 minutes and some odd seconds of the Kentucky Derby? Are you a Derby fan?


I have been to many parties but not to the actual Derby.  But I would love to have a fabulous hat and dress to attend one day.

Artist Robert Joyner Image PVE Design

I am not personally a fan of Mint Juleps, but I am told that it because I have not made them the correct way. Point of fact, I do not like Bourbon, so I do not think having them made the "correct way" is going to sway me. 

Southern Living via Pinterest

I do however like ham on biscuits and pecan pie!

Southern Living Magazine

And of course the stunning horses and pageantry of the day.

Southern Living Magazine

Tell me are you a horse lover? A Derby fan? What about a Mint Julep with crushed ice in a silver cup? And last but not least, what is your favorite Derby food? 

Image Pine Cones and Acorns Blog

I would love to hear about your Derby parties, hats, and adventures.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I AM A BIG HORSE LOVER! I wish I could be there, I tell ya! And I have the perfect dresses for the event. Those cookies, are they not the sweeetest treats? I remember seeing a horse show here once and I could not leave. I wanted to stay and be mesmerized by the Lipizzaners all day.

    How are ya my friend? More snow coming tonight for use into Wisconsin. AHHH!

  2. Good morning, Elizabeth...great minds think alike! I wrote about the derby today too...I love it but I also have never been. I used the same Southern Living pic for the mint juleps, too. And, I also do not like mint juleps either...I haven't been able to drink bourbon since a bad experience in college..;)

    Have a lovely day! xoxo

  3. Sounds like fun... I do like Bourbon... and a mint julep sounds wonderful... Have a beautiful day...

  4. I love everything having to do with the derby...what an elegant excuse to get all dolled up and throw a party while you sip Mint Juleps to your hearts content! Love it all!!

  5. We have the Melbourne cup down here, it is a chance to dress up, drink champagne and eat good food if you can find a space in amoungst the enormous crowds. I have been once and I will not go again. My horse mad daughter would love those cookies

  6. I don't know where I have been all these years, but I have heard more about the Derby this year than i ever have before. I have never been to a Derby party (maybe we don't have them up here in Canada - I've never heard of any) and I've never had a mint juleb and I've never worn a snazzy outfit with a hat, but I think all three would be fun.

  7. I always mean to watch the Derby, but inevitably I'm out doing something else when the race is run.


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