Friday, May 17, 2013

I Love Paris in the Winter

Good morning! Happy Friday!

Are you a Francophile? I am and today I will be joining Anita at Castles Crowns and Cottages along with many other bloggers to share my love of Paris!

I took my first trip to Paris when I was 16, oh so many years and cities later it is still my favorite place to visit.  

Although I LOVE Paris anytime

my favorite time of the year to visit Paris is in December, when everything is decorated for Christmas and the "ordinary" magic of Paris is extraordinary.

 I like to while away my days visiting the museums

and my favorite pieces of art and sculpture.  

Other days I enjoy sitting in the cafes, 

drinking hot chocolate. 

Or wandering the cobbled streets

to see the sights

and the secrets around each corner. 

I enjoy looking at the Christmas windows, each more spectacular than the next. 


Printemps and more. 

 Enjoying the lights,

 the sights

the sounds and

The Spirit of Christmas.

Have you been to Paris? What is your favorite time of the year to visit? And what are your favorite things to see?

I hope you have a wonderful day, please visit Sandy at You May Be Wandering for many other fabulous travel adventures!

** All images taken by me. 


  1. I would love to see Paris at Christmas!!! xo

  2. Like everyone else I love Paris and my favorite time to visit is the fall after all the tourists have left. My favorite country is Italy but they both have the same sort of flavor. Fun seeing Paris through your eyes.


    1. Debra, I love it in Fall too...walking along with the falling leaves, picking up the occasional chestnut.

      Oh I love Italy too!!!!

  3. I AM HAVING A BLAST THIS MORNING, ELIZABETH! Oh my, that dog with the face...the smile! The French are so fabulous and when it comes to choosing a pet, the dogs are so adorable!

    I am really enjoying this party; I made sure I did not work today so I could revel in all the splendor of YOUR IMAGINATIONS!

    The party runs for ONE ENTIRE WEEK and I know you like posting daily; I hope you will post on France?

    This is a splendid way to get the party rolling! VIVE LA FRANCE and Paris is fabulous any time of the year. Anita

  4. GREAT photos, Elizabeth!! This is SO much fun!! Keep it coming...

    Have a lovely day!!! xoxo

    1. Sandy I love seeing France from the perspective of so many talented bloggers.

  5. Hi, Elizabeth -
    While I have been to Paris for vacation and work, I've never visited in December. Definitely on my list now! The boutiques and department stores must be so beautiful and festive in a chic Parisian way, of course!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

    1. Loi, I think you would really enjoy a holiday in Paris, it really is magical.

  6. This is wonderful Elizabeth and I agree.. Paris is beautiful anytime of the year. The winter holidays I imagine would be just amazing and so magical. Your photographs are lots of fun and have me yearning to go back! Have a nice weekend! xxleslie

  7. HI THERE SWEET FRIEND! Isn't this fun? So glad to see you come on by to leave a comment...enjoy the ride! It's raining here today so it's a perfect day to just stay at the computer and visit everyone. Many hugs, Anita

  8. I can't believe I have never been. It loos SO amazing there!

    1. OMG Stacy you would love it! Especially all of the fashion design stores and make-up and perfume places!

  9. Hello, I popped over here after seeing your comment and link on The Inspired Room. I actually had never thought of Paris at Christmas (one usually hears about that city in Spring and Summer!). I have not been to Europe but when I do travel there Paris would be on the list, definitely!!

    1. Barbara, thanks for coming! I hope you do make it to paris!

  10. Somehow I never would imagine Paris being decorated for Christmas! You've opened our eyes!

    1. It really is beautiful with all of the decorations! Little stores, department stores, hotel too!

  11. Paris is my number one dream destination, any time of the year. But now after reading your post you have me wanting to visit Paris at winter too! It seems oh so magical...

    1. Rosalie, I recommend Paris anytime but winter really is magical.

  12. Beautiful Elizabeth. I have to admit, I like Paris in the springtime. We will be there next week! Photos to come. Enjoy the link party.
    Much Love

    1. Di, I cannot wait to see PAris through your beautiful lens. I hope you have a magical time!

  13. I've only been to Paris in the spring...what fun to visit in winter. How lovely to see all the decorations and windows. Anita always throws brilliant parties, don't you agree? Thank you, Elizabeth!

  14. WOW !!! What a grand tour.Your pictures are gorgeous.
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    It has been a pleasure,
    Marie Antionette

  15. Elizabeth,
    This is one of my favorite posts yet. It is filled with simplicity and beauty. My daughters have that same picture of the angel statue. The hot chocolate looks delightful.

    It's so nice to meet new friends.

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  16. Excursion merveilleuse! Vous habitez Paris, je rêve de Paris.
    De belles images,
    Permettez-moi de suivre à partir d'aujourd'hui. Vous avez un merveilleux blog.


  17. Elizabeth, We have planned to go to Paris in a couple of years when my daughter and I both celebrate significant birthdays. My husband thinks we should go this year. Your photographs are convincing me he may be right. Love it all! Bonnie

    1. Bonnie, I cannot wait to hear all about your plans!

  18. Dear Elizabeth, I love the account of your times in Paris in the winter!
    Beautiful images throughout!

    I hope you will visit my dream adventure in France.

    Art by Karena

  19. Hello Elizabeth

    A delightful post and like you I now want to visit in December.
    Your images are fabulous. I love the concept of this post, as dreamed up by Anita.

    Have a glorious weekend
    Helen xx

  20. Hi Elizabeth!
    I have never been to Paris in December. I have been twice in the summer and once in October. Looks like a lovely time to visit though.
    I love the flower markets, the river boat cruises in the evening, the antique markets, people watching, and finding great little restaurants off the beaten path only known by the locals.

    I need to go back soon!
    The architecture is intoxicating.


  21. Delightful! My very first visit to Paris was in December ~ the week before Christmas and the week after. It was a magical time. I've never forgotten that time, even though we have been back to Paris many times. Like you I love the museums and the cafes. My favorite thing to do is just set out for the day and let serendipity lead me. Paris is like no other city. ;-)

  22. A gorgeous post Elizabeth, a hot chocolate sitting at a café table watching the world go by is a beautiful thing.
    Your picture of the sparrow reminded me of my time in Paris this morning. Our studio is right next to Notre Dame and one afternoon we went down to watch a solar eclipse. Sparrows began landing in the box hedging in front of the cathedral as the eclipse happened and sat motionless on top. People were picking them up and holding them in their hands, stroking them and the sparrows were as cool as cucumbers about it, obviously confused by the eclipse! It was one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen! Bon weekend!
    Paul x

  23. It is a heavenly city, I've been once in December and it was beautiful, but it was too at Easter and in October. The last couple of times I've been for day trips, I love the Eurostar, and it's quicker to get to Paris from London, rather then Brittany!
    I just love all your photographs.
    Enjoy your weekend
    Jude x

  24. Bonjour Chere Elizabeth! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of what is a glorious time of year in Paris....someday I would love to see it during the winter holidays...
    I share your passion for this city (as you know), and have visited in the summertime as well as winter...I have never not loved it. Every moment of the year for me, as the song goes! :)
    Enjoy the weekend and the party, dear friend...
    Love and hugs,
    - Irina

  25. Bonjour Elizabeth. I agree, Paris is beautiful in the winter. I spent a Christmas there one year. Also Prague, (my home town), and London, where I spend every alternate Christmas now. Oh gosh, last year at Christmas, in Oxfordshire, where I live, in Blenheim Palace, it looked like a fairy tale. There were stuffed peacocks on laden banquet tables and all the marble busts and statues were wearing elaborate turbans decorated with jewels and baubles. Your photos reminded me of that time. Hope you have a lovely weekend and nice to meet you thru Anita. :)

  26. Welcome in France...nice to see you to do this together...Anita is such a good friend to all of us...enjoy the weekend love

  27. I have only been to Paris in the summer. I am not sure I would like Paris in the winter because i am not a fan of cold. But, I think just about any time of the year would be perfect for Paris.

    1. I could not agree more, any time is a good time for PAris!

  28. Thank you for your gorgeous photos of Paris. Really atmospheric! For an unusual place to go...the Musee de la Moyenne Age...Medieval Museum. It has the famous tapestries with the Unicorn and the Princess. Amazing. I live about 2 and a half hours away from Paris in Burgundy.

  29. Un Paris de rêve !
    En toutes saisons j'adorerais mettre mes pas dans les tiens.

  30. Elizabeth, I've never been to Paris for the holidays. I know it would be wonderful !!

  31. Bonjour Elizabeth,

    Thank you for visiting and I am your newest follower.
    You have shared so many beautiful photos of Paris - I have been there twice, for my 50th birthday and then we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. Anytime is great to visit there.
    Look forward to visiting you again

  32. Paris is magical at Christmas, indeed! Your photos are wonderful ... and Ah, this hot chocolate ... so tempting...! Thank you for your kind words on my blog!

  33. Pretty photos! How wonderful that you have been to Paris on several occasions. Love that cobblestone shot!

    Heidi @ hi-d's place

  34. Christmas is very often when we are there, having family there. And you are so is magnificent all dressed up. Every building, every fromagerie, every boulangerie, EVERYbody does it up and it is gorgeous! We did not make it last Christmas so hoping maybe this year. Love the the post!
    Cheers, Kirsten

  35. Oh... Elizabeth, I would love to see Paris at Christmas. It is quite unlikely due to family engagements at home here in America. Thank you for transporting me...virtually!

    Anita has also brought an element of Christmas to all of us on this French journey. I have opened so many beautiful gifts this week!

    Thank you for your well wishes on our anniversary.
    Your blog is delightful! I shall be following!

  36. Beautiful photography, Elizabeth. Am I mistaken, or is that sculpture close to the Mona Lisa a variation on Cupid and Psyche?

    I've never been over to that side of the Atlantic, but I'd love to see Paris. My parents were there once on a trip, and loved it.

  37. I love everything about this post!! Paris in the wonder is magical and you captured it perfectly!!!

  38. Great photos! It's fun to see somewhere you've been, but through the eyes of someone else. I was in Paris in July, but I'd love to see it during the holidays. Elle

  39. Great pictures of Paris - up close and personal! I can almost smell that hot chocolate through the computer screen!


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