Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Irresistible France: The Sweet Life

Photo Pine Cones and Acorns

Good morning! I am jumping back into Anita's Irresistible France Party today, I was unaware that the party lasted all week. In my visits to various posts I have been to Versailles, Provence, Cannes, Mont St. Michele and more and I have enjoyed each persons photos and visits to France. It is a joy to see so many of my favorite places through new eyes.  

Laduree Desserts Image HERE

As I was thinking of France and all of my memories from my travels there, my earliest recollections is food. No escargot or oysters for this girl, it is chocolat chaud, crepe au sucre, eclair chocolat, almond croissant, macarons and more. 

Image Pine Cones and Acorns

If you have followed me for any length of time than you know that I LOVE sweets, next to cheese and bread they are my favorite things to eat in Paris. Not just any sweets will do I have a particular few that I enjoy.

Jamie Schler Via Life's A Feast Blog

I like to enjoy a hot chocolate in the morning at the local cafe and then it is off to the patisserie where I purchase an eclair. Some days I will visit several patisserie and buy an eclair at each place so that we I mean, I can have a taste test later. 

Image Pine Cones and Acorns

Other days, or maybe just later that afternoon I might try a raspberry tart or perhaps have some Punitions from Poilane.

Poilane Punitions Recipe and Photo Dorie Greenspan

Another favorite is sugar and butter crepes. Simple, delicious and easy to find as there are stands all over the city. I am sure that there is probably a favorite of many but I do not know if it.

Madeleine's Made by Pine Cones and Acorns

Crepes Martha Stewart

Or perhaps a few Madeleine's for the room? Ernest Hemingway said " Paris is a moveable feast" and he is right, I move food all over Paris and bring it back to my hotel or apartment and even back to the USA.

What do you like to eat while in Paris? Do you have a favorite cafe or brasserie? Or more importantly, where is your favorite place for hot chocolate?

Enjoy your day!

 If you are in the Plains States I hope that you are safe from all of the storms. My thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost their family, friends, homes and more. 


  1. Oooh! Elizabeth! What a wonderful tour of patisserie! The idea of an afternoon spent comparing eclairs is just wonderful!

  2. Did you make this post especially for me and Anita ???...hahahahaha....the sweetest girls ever !! ......i loooooooooove this !!...enjoy the week....bisous

  3. So lovely to meet you and I love the look of your madeleines! My favourite place in Paris to eat is at Le Grand Colbert which was in the movie "Something's Gotta Give"! I love having tea at Laduree on the Champs Elysses and at Angelina's on Rue de Rivoli ...I adore cheese as well but my favourite dessert would be creme caramel! Such a beautiful post and so glad to have met you! This party is fun!!!!
    best wishes

  4. What do I eat in Paris? Everything! There should be a warning label at the top of this not look at on an empty stomach! Love all things French!

  5. BONJOUR! You know, some other participants also seemed to be unaware that the party lasted all week! I don't know how since I have it written on the button, but THANK YOU MY DEAR for sharing this most wonderful feast and iconic symbol of France: THE FOOD! It is hard for me to pinpoint what my favorite thing to eat is....NO WAIT...SCRATCH THAT! THE BREAD! YES!

    I could not get enough of it while I was there. GOOD THING you do so much walking there because I did eat my share of large boules, baguettes and miches! Yes,that's it: THE BREAD!

    Luscious photos my friend, and thank you so much for jumping back in so the rest of the participants can enjoy! Anita

  6. Hello Elizabeth

    I love your images and the wonderful research you conduct when choosing chocolate based treats. I, on the other hand, would be seeking the escargot, boullabaise, crepes,mushrooms, cheese and fresh fruit.(I suffer migraine headaches triggered by chocolate and wine- so I must avoid)
    I am enjoying this series on France

    Helen xx

  7. Ahhhh Elizabeth...I sit here with fat free yogurt and coffee with skim milk OGLING these amazing photos! I need to remind myself that the reason I eat healthy as much as possible is so that when I travel I can have all those incredible treats. Thanks for the eye candy - literally!

    Have a wonderful day! xoxo

  8. I'm starving! We definitely ate our way through Paris last summer:) How can you not? Your photographs are amazing Elizabeth and I never tire of anything FRENCH:) xxleslie

  9. Thankfully I just ate dinner but now I could use a sweet! Any
    patisserie in Paris suits me fine since we also can get fresh made bread from them. Fresh bread, cheese, a sweet....what more could you want from Paris?


  10. Elizabeth, thank you
    for these sweet treats
    as I fly back home from
    a quick mom-daughter
    trip with my mom. I am
    using this down time to
    catch up on a few favorite
    blogs : ) I need to visit
    some of these amazing
    posts on France, too!

    Happy Tuesday,
    xo Suzanne

  11. Elizabeth how did you know I have such a sweet tooth!

    Come with me on my adventure in France.
    life, possibilities, grace
    a beautiful dream...

    Art by Karena

  12. Happy to meet you from Anita's fabulous French link party! And I'm sorry to say I don't know the best place for chocolate chaud in Paris. I have found a list of the best coffee in Paris but would love to know where to go for the best chocolate! Let me know if you know or find out! I'm off to see your original post on France.
    Bisous, Kirsten

  13. Just finished my breakfast but now I'm hungry again! Great post.

  14. I didn't even know all those kinds of treats existed! I love ho you added a thought about the poor folks in the heartland. It's so terribly sad what nature can do

  15. Elizabeth, really? You have totally ruined my morning looking at all these delicious-ness. Rye toast, oatmeal, that was MY breakfast!e

  16. Now, that's a sweet side of France i really love! I adore all these pretty petite tartes, macaroons and petot fours! Thabk you for visiting me - will follow you along!

  17. Oh now I will be going to bed dreaming of these lovely treats. Bonnie

  18. You are the queen of the yummy post Elizabeth. I could quite easily sit down with a few of those delicious French pastries right this very minute....that's 08.43am :))

  19. So much fun! I loved the dessert photos... so many great things there and a charming presentation -- including tarte tatin! I never think of France without thinking of food!!

  20. Once again, I'm ravenously hungry!


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