Saturday, June 29, 2013

Favorites on Friday from The Adventures of Tartan Scott, Things That Inspire, and More

 It's Friday! If I was a dancer I would be doing a little jig right now, sadly I am not, but I am still excited to have a few hours to relax and enjoy all of my new favorite finds from this week. 


Books, books and more books, I can never get enough of them. Two of my favorite posts contained excellent suggestions of old classics and best sellers. Sunday, at Ciao Dominico shared a list of books that have the "power to sweep us away to a light and brighter world"---books to make us sparkle.  If that is not enough to entice you I do not know what is. 

Jeanne at Collage of Life shared her Kindle list for whiling away the hours at her new house Tahllia Farm, the list is extensive as well as diverse, so I am sure that there is something to peak your interest. 

Image from Scott Mecham Wood The Adventures of Tartan Scott

Summer is a chance to let go and relax, perhaps with a cocktail or two. This past month Scott at The Adventures of Tartan Scott has been hosting a bar cart giveaway(pictured above) and all of the entries include a cocktail recipe. There are so many interesting and amusing entries, "Skip and Go Naked" and "Old Yeller" to name but a few, that will want to go over and check them out HERE. Not to mention submitting your own custom cocktail to win this fabulous cart designed by The Guilded Stag.

For those of you who are flea market fans, more specifically Paris flea markets; Holly from Things That Inspire wrote a great post about her recent trip, she also offers suggestions as well as tips from other sources    that include maps and shipping information. Just in case you find something that you cannot live without. 

This week I discovered two new blogs, the first Journey Into la Ville Lumiere written by Hana about beginning a new chapter in her life in the "City of Lights", beautiful photos and adventures. 

And Margie O'Harra. If you enjoy art, food and gardens then head over to Margie O'Harra, I have already bookmarked several recipes to try and found a few pieces of art I would love to add to my collection.

Last but not least, I watched a couple movies this week, and I enjoyed this one. Quartet  is funny, predictable, light and has a cast of my favorite British stars( Maggie Smith, Billy Connolly and Michael Gambon), the perfect movie after a long day.

I hope that you find something new, and as always if you have found something we should know about please share. 

Enjoy your weekend! 


  1. Jeanne's reading list is going to come in handy since it's pouring buckets here and will be for another week....ugh! I'm going to do some painting inside this weekend I've been paint the inside of our doors it!

    Enjoy your weekend Elizabeth!

  2. Good morning sweet friend!

    I am enjoying my summer so much, and to think of it ending (weather-wise) around October (not bad, actually) makes me want even more out of these sunny days.

    Enjoy your books, your films, everything that makes you smile. Anita

  3. What great inspiration! I am loving the picture of the flower market. Beautiful!


  4. Beautiful photos! That mini bar is so fun and always love the flowers!

  5. Lots of excellent suggestions. It’s always good to have fellow bloggers recommend books and such.

    I won’t be reading Nicki Gerrard though, her books frighten me.

  6. Thank you for mentioning my blog.
    My heart skipped a beat when I read your post. Margie O'Hara

  7. Love the book recommendations!

  8. I've heard of Quartet, but haven't seen it as of yet...


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