Wednesday, June 19, 2013

More Blue and White Details

Good morning! Another blue, no make that gray day ahead here, rain, rain and more rain in the forecast.  The good news is that everything is lush, beautiful and green. 

Rainy days offer the perfect opportunity to relax and slow down and as I said yesterday to take in the details. Recently while visiting my in-laws I managed to spend a rainy afternoon looking at a lifetime of their treasures and hearing many stories from their lives.  

These blue and white images are but a few of their vast collection, and include transfer ware, flow blue, spatter ware and more. 

My in-laws are both in their late 80's and they have collected so many memories and treasures. It is always nice to have the opportunity to sit and hear stories from their lives. Growing up during the Depression, living in the Dust Bowl, earning $3000.00 a year for a first job, or paying $58.00 for a year of college tuition! 

Some of these pieces were passed on to them from their mothers, some from friends, and a few others from auctions. 

Each piece is more beautiful than the next and a few are very fragile. I did not remove them from the cabinet which explains why one or two are blurry. Sorry about that, but I still like the pattern and colors. 

Blue and white is timeless and really does fit in any decor. Do you have any pieces of blue and white that has been passed down to you? Or are you starting a collection to pass on to your own children and grandchildren?

I would love for you to share your blue and white treasures with the rest of us as well as any stories connected to them. 

Oh, before I forget, the images used in my post yesterday were not from Google Art Project. They were details from a favorite painting that I photographed recently while visiting the museum. I have found that when I actually stop, open my eyes and enjoy the moment that I see so many things I have missed int the past. 

If you are a blue and white fan and I know many are, Tina at The Enchanted Home, hosted and posted about a blue and white party that she recently gave. In addition, her online store is filled with blue and white pieces to add to your collection with new ones added frequently. 

You can also check out the many blue and white pins I have pinned on my "Blue and White" board on Pinterest.

I hope you have a beautiful day, even if it is gray and rainy. 

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  1. Oh how I LOVE these blue and white patterns! And your close up of one of the cups is so lovely, so I can see the vintage marks on the cup.

    I am now having to click onto every blog on my sidebar for now all the newest titles have disappeared! HELP!

    I hope you are enjoying your day dear one. Anita

  2. How lovely, and wonderful to have family stories to accompany your china. Jude x

  3. Elizabeth, Your in-laws' collection is beautiful. How intuitive to have taken such wonderful care of these beautiful pieces during a time when everything needed to be used. I can never get enough of blue and white. I am trying to figure out how to redecorate our sunroom in blue and white. We'll see. Have a wonderful Wednesday. Bonnie

  4. Gorgeous porcelain Elizabeth! The vintage pieces are lovely and blue and white is personal favorite of mine :)

    1. I am sure your in-laws are delighted to have a daughter-in-law with a passion for blue and white. The patterns are elegantly cozy, which is why most of us adore! Great post on your rainy day. We are blessed with blue skies today! xo

  5. What a gorgeous collection, so many beautiful pieces as well. Thanks for sharing this with us.


  6. Just beautiful Elizabeth!! I LOVE blue and white china! These are very fine examples!
    Thank you for a beautiful post on a rainy day, N.xo

  7. Love the blue and white. Such a classic, and you have some beautiful examples.


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