Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer White

 "Women think of all colors except the absence of colors. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony."
~Coco Chanel~

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White is beautiful, serene and peaceful. In the summer it is the perfect backdrop for colorful flowers or monotone foliage, It brightens our day and shows off our tan. 

Crisp white shirts, white wicker chairs, white urns, and more. This week everywhere I went I was drawn to the shades of  white,  it seemed to pull at me from every angle.  

Are you a fan of "summer white"? In your garden, in your clothing or decor? I love it. The big white clouds, white blossoms and more, although I drawn the line at white pants. Sadly I am a magnet for dirt so those are out.

What is your favorite white thing, in your garden, house or piece of clothing?

I hope you have a beautiful day and discover the beauty of white.

If you are a fan of white, then take a look at one of the most beautiful blogs I have even seen. Dreamy Whites, is filled with beautiful photos and ideas. 


  1. I just love white walls, furniture, ANIMALS (horses, dogs, birds), garden urns, flowers...floors...oh dear,the list goes on.

    How are you gorgeous Elizabeth? Anita

  2. I adore white! My garden is filled with white flowers and my summer closet with white items. It brightens my summer days!

  3. I couldn't be a bigger fan...LOVE white. Its sooo beautiful in just about everything, summer clothes, interiors, outdoors on the patio.....just so crisp and refreshing. Funny I have been working on a post for maybe next week on summer white. So inspirational!

  4. Dear Elizabeth, I love white flowers, and have a lot of white accents!

    2013 Designers Series
    Art by Karena

  5. Elizabeth, I love white. I have one garden dedicated to whites and greens. I find white makes everything seem cooler.

    Two or three years ago I promised my children I would climb into the "fort" with them and slide down the "big" slide on the last day of school. I forgot about it and, yes, I wore white pants to school that day. I refused to back out of my promise and had a wonderful time playing with the children. Oh yes the pants had some nice big yellow and brown splotches on the backside when playtime was over. I still wear white pants/jeans, just not on the last day of school:) Have a wonderful day! Bonnie

  6. Hello Elizabeth my Darling Girl,
    How are you? Hope you are well and happy. I must email you with an update.

    Lovely post, beautiful, heavenly white. Nothing wrong with that.
    Much Love


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