Monday, June 3, 2013

The Beauty and Fragrance of Magnolia's

Good morning!

 I hope that you had a nice weekend. It was beautiful here, and of course that means the air is heady with the scent of jasmine, roses, and so much more. In addition the trees are bursting with these magnificent white blossoms.

 "Where flowers bloom so does hope."
~Lady Bird Johnson~

Magnolias grow all over the World and there are over 200 varieties, 80 of which native to the United States.  They are grown as shrubs or trees and are prizes for their beautiful flowers which are white, pink, yellow or purple. 

"Flowers are loves truest language."
~Park Benjamin~

Magnolia's were named after Pierre Magnol, a 16th century French botanist who is one of the innovators of botanical classification, the same one used to this day.  He came up with the idea of "plant families" and a natural classification of plants based on common characteristics. 

"Each flower is a soul opening out to nature."
~Gerald de Narval~

A few interesting tidbits, magnolias are an ancient genus and fossilized plants have been found dating to 20 MILLION years ago. They existed before bees and are in fact pollinated by beetles.(Source: National Arboretum and Wikipedia)

Are you a fan of magnolia trees? Do you have them in your garden? I think they are beautiful, but to be honest they are a little messy. They drop a lot of leaves and seed pods that look a little like pine cones. A fair trade perhaps for these giant, fragrant flowers. 

 "In joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friends."
~Kozuko Okakura

I wish you a wonderful and beautiful day!

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  1. GOOD MORNING MY DEAR! AND what a great way to wake up and to smell the magnolias! Here, we have the pink, white and yellow flowering magnolia trees and they are are joy to see open. We too had a perfect spring Sunday with no rain, wind or any other less than perfect element!

    Wishing you a delightful Monday! Anita



  3. Gorgeous...and yes I love them too, despite the mess, the scent and beauty makes up for it. Have a great Monday.

  4. Oh Elizabeth, I can almost smell the delicious scent from these images. I have a beautiful magnolia tree in the corner of my front yard and it's just starting to bloom. Can hardly wait to have those fresh blossoms in my kitchen! I'm the biggest fan of Charleston and have been to all three of the restaurants...fabulous dining!!

  5. I love magnolias and several neighbors have trees blooming and Dylan and I are lucky enough to get to smell them when we walk by. We need to plant a tree in our yard and who knew they were polinated by beetles.

    We're getting lots of rain today after an extremely hot weekend and thankfully it's cooling things down.

    Enjoy your day Elizabeth! Now I need to go see those cupcakes!

  6. I love the big evergreen ones like you've shown. I use the leaves for wreathes and decorations at Christmas and in the summer, float one large bloom in a big silver bowl. And the seed pods are pretty decorative, too!

  7. Absolutely love magnolia blossoms! Grew up in New Orleans and they were everywhere... especially along Saint Charles Ave. which was where I went to school. The scent always brings me back home. There are magnolia trees outside the Central Market here in Dallas and I always have to bend a branch and take in the scent.

  8. These are gorgeous, dear friend! Thank you for the history...I had no idea...and pollinated by beetles...I never would have considered that...

    So lovely to see you visit me, I am doing ok...thank you, dear Elizabeth!
    The internet connection is frustrating as always...I try to post when I have a chance, but visiting just one friend can literally take up to thirty minutes....
    Jacob says we need a new router, so hopefully that will help...this has been going on for quite a long time,

    I think of you often, and hope that it is not too muggy in your area...
    We are finally seeing gorgeous blooms everywhere....not too hot yet, thankfully....
    I am anxiously awaiting the peonies! :)

    Catching up with your posts now....
    Take care and much love to you,
    - Irina

  9. Elizabeth, I love magnolias! I grew up having massive trees outside our front door. My mother would cut the blooms and place them in our lingerie drawers. Everything smelled wonderful. We love visiting Charleston, and always try to visit Magnolias. It is a favorite. It has been several years, so glad to hear it is still there. Have a wonderful week. Bonnie

  10. Elizabeth, I am a huge fan of Magnolias but we can't grow them in NJ. I love the leaves and the flowers are stunning! Thanks for sharing the information about them and history. Interesting.


  11. We have one Magnolia tree in our yard and that poor thing is still hanging in there after losing a limb from an ice storm last winter. We do not have blooms yet but I do see a few buds beginning. One of my most favorite flowers!
    Enjoy your week.

  12. The magnolia happens to be one of my very favorites. The scent is breathtaking and trees magnificent. I have three Southern Magnolia, the one you picture, on my property. We let them grow all the way to the ground so that the leaf debris is lessened by being hidden inside (of course not all the leaves fall straight down!). Mine are blooming now and I so enjoy being outside enjoying their heady fragrance.

  13. Such beauties, these are my absolute favourites.

  14. I too love Magnolias! I found your site via a search for "rest Jesus" on turned up with a lovely dew shot of a scripture on grass blades. Now I follow your pins, and this one came across. As a fellow blogger of beauty...I totally appreciate your site. Thank you for sharing! We live in Florida so the Magnolia trees are huge! There is a wonderful bed and breakfast in Gainesville, FL that bears the name "Magnolia Plantation Inn..." I blogged about it briefly here: Lovely photos and text you have on your blog! Thank you!


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