Tuesday, July 2, 2013

4th of July Barbeque Ideas

Good morning! I don't know about you but I cannot wait for the 4th of July celebrations to begin. 

Sausage, Brats and Hot Dogs from Better Homes and Gardens

I love going to barbeque's and parties and barbeque food to be more specific.  Truthfully, I really like the dips and chips, the salads, and sides and whatever finger food is being served. 

Traditional Burger from Better Homes and Gardens

I have created a Summer board on Pinterest for all of my favorite summer activities, foods, ideas and more. Just in case I do not have enough ideas from my cookbooks, blog friends, and family recipes for any celebration that I may be having or attending over the next few weeks. 

Carmelized Onion Dip from Better Homes and Gardens

Creamy blue cheese dip with veggies from Southern Living
White Bean Dip from Martha Stewart

8 Layer Bean Dip Martha Stewart

I am curious, when you entertain do you always use "go to" recipes or do you experiment with new ones?

Watermelon Salad from Southern Living

Succotash Salad from Southern Living

Caprese Salad from Ina Garten

I like to use a combination of old and new recipes, sometimes they turn out, sometimes not. I would be lying if I did not say that more often than not my new recipes are desserts; that way I can try new things but send them home with the guests so that they are not laying around here for me to eat them all. 

Red Bliss Potato Salad Martha Stewart

Best Potato Salad Ever from Country Living

What is your perfect barbeque? What sort of things to you always make or what do you like to see at one that you attend?

Grilled Corn from Martha Stewart

Boiled Corn BHG

If you have a favorite recipe for baked beans, cole slaw, or potato salad please share, those are my favorite sides and I really enjoy trying other peoples favorites. 

Hibiscus Tea from BHG

Strawberry Lemonade from BHG

Lemonade Ice Tea from Southern Living

I hope that you found a few things here to whet your appetite, if you try any of them let me know. All of these recipes are new to me and were gathered from Country Living, Better Homes and Gardens, Southern Living, Martha Stewart and of course Pinterest and I will be trying a few this week on my guests(the links are below each photo).

Berry Splash from Southern Living

Stay safe today with the rain, the fires and the blazing temperatures and enjoy your day!

All photos are linked to the magazines and magazine web pages, click on the description and you will be taken to the the recipe.


  1. I'm trying out two new recipes on the Fourth but otherwise stick with the tried and true. Since it's the husbands birthday as well he always has favorites he likes. It's pouring buckets here right now but thankfully should stop by Friday. After weeks of rain we're excited!


  2. OMG I am craving a full course meal and its not even 8am! Yummmmmm all these foods are my faves and like you I could happily survive on a bevy of appetizers and forget the main meal all together!

    Hope whatever you do is fun and relaxing and includes good food:)

  3. Yum! Love the sausage and brats at the top and that burger looks amazing! We will be celebrating with family ~ and having the traditional fair ;) xxL

  4. I just go to the stores and buy everything!

  5. I always mix up the menu with something tried and true and add a few new things. I've always lived with the thought if all falls we can order out for pizza...a favorite of everyone. Have a wonderful day!

  6. This is a great post for me because I'm working on our Fourth Week menu right now! :D

    We love grilled corn, and some of these potato salad recipes look great, too!

    Thanks for posting!


    PS You're on my sidebar on my Blog List now...I think this is going to work out well!

  7. Beautiful food! We've decided to go out for the 4th. No one wants to cook. '-)

  8. So good...my mouth is watering, Elizabeth!
    I love barbeques...
    Me too....I tend to mix it up when entertaining...some favorite standbys and a couple of new recipes. Do you have the Silver Palate cookbooks? They are wonderful for picnic and party foods.
    Enjoy the day, my dear!
    - Irina


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