Monday, July 15, 2013

Blueberry Scones and Summer Sights

Good morning! I hope that you had a great weekend. Mine seemed to go fast, but then I have heard that as you age life seems to move faster. I am not sure about that but this weekend did. 

Between visits with friends and friends(below) visiting me, work, trying a few new recipes, and getting stuff done around the house time sped by. 

This little squirrel comes every morning for breakfast and every afternoon for dinner. If there is no food he comes and looks in the kitchen window. 

And this beautiful cardinal is part of a family of three that visit every night around six. Lucky for me I have had the pleasure of watching the little one "grow up. I have seen his parents feeding him, washing him, nurturing him and now the little guy comes alone and he is just starting to change colors. 

The weather was crazy, the wind and rain whipped up for half a day and blew many of the crepe myrtle blossoms down. 

It seems as if they just arrived and now they are stirring at my feet. Our deck was covered in these pink blossoms. 

They were so pretty they reminded me of the sand mandalas made by the Tibetan Buddhist, and when the wind blew the flowers swirled and new patterns were made. Nature makes the most beautiful art. 

I hesitate to write this because I know that for many Summer just arrived, but our crepe myrtle tree's are starting to loose their bark, a sure sign that Fall is not far behind. 

For now though I am living in the present and focusing on the bounty of Summer, like blueberries. Honestly these are not my favorite berry, that would be raspberries, but I had a basket of these little guys so I thought I would try a new recipe. 

Blueberry pancakes, cake, and  muffins are all standard recipes in my repertoire but this time I thought I would try something else, scones. I used this recipe(here) from Indigo Scones Blog and the scones came out perfect. They are tender, fluffy and fabulous. 

The recipe is a little involved so make sure that you read it through before starting, the great thing though is that it makes a lot of scones and you cane make it all the way up to the baking part and just freeze a bunch to use at a later date.

If you try the scones let me know what you think. In the meantime, I hope that you have a fabulous day!

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  1. Yum love scones.....please tell me you were behind a window getting so close to the squirrel. I am petrified of them, can you tell lol. The falling flowers remind me fall is not so far away....

  2. Fun having your animal friends visit huh? We put out bird feeders every morning and it has been fun watching the parents bring their babies to feed. Summertime seems to drift by so fast doesn't it? It has only begun and we're already seeing sights marking the end. Enjoy your day Elizabeth!


  3. I love cardinals! :D I love scones, too, especially blueberry ones. Thanks for the link. I'll definitely try them!

    Ricki Jill

  4. GOOD MORNING MY FRIEND! YOU TOO? You too have squirrels on a schedule? We do too! We call him HO CHUNK....long story, but that's his name. He comes and lays on one of the tree branches in the courtyard and yes, they come at around 6:00 for dinner, as well as the rabbits...always AT THE SAME TIME, when I'm cooking with garlic and onions! And we also have some birds who have decided that Rabbit Hill is THEIRS!

    The joys of summer are truly a blessing to embrace. They do go by way too fast, but let's grab what we can. I also seem to notice that the white metal leg of a table on your deck (next to the squirrel eating out of the bowl) resembles MY TABLE! I wonder if we have the same white iron table!

    WIshing you a slow summer day. Relish all you can. Anita

  5. Good morning Elizabeth! What lovely photos! The scones look delicious - I have some extra blueberries so maybe I will try the recipe.

    Take care and enjoy your day! xoxo

  6. Yum! It's the perfect time of year for some blueberry treats! And I love crepe myrtle too. Thank you so much for stopping by today. Your kind words made me smile!

  7. We have SO many squirrels!! ..and they tease the dogs! The photos you got a wonderful Elizabeth. Looks like you were right there! The scones look delicious and blueberry is my favorite.

    Happy Monday.


  8. Elizabeth, Your little friend laying on the fence looks as if he could be a cousin to my little friends. They have figured out how to take the lid off of one of the bird feeders, now every so often I have to go out and gently rescue one who has found him/herself stuck inside the tube. It really is a circus here!

    Oh I have been eyeing those blueberry scones on pinterest. I may need to make them for some friends desperately in need of some cheering up.

    I am trying to slow down the clock, but it really isn't working. For now I will just grab every second and find the blessings. Have a wonderful week. Bonnie

  9. How cute that you have little friends coming for their meals. I love shots of clouds and the scones sure look good.

  10. Your squirrel has better manners than the one who visits me. He hangs on my bird feeder and swings it to make the sunflower seeds fall out. If I scold him goes just far enough away from me that I couldn't touch him and gives me an impudent look.


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