Friday, July 12, 2013

Favorites on Friday from the Swenglish Home, Twirl and Taste, Rattlebridge Farm and More

Happy Friday! Goodness I am worn out this week, I think it is the weird weather, or maybe I stayed up late one too many nights reading. I am often guilty of that. 

I do not know about your area but in mine the farmers markets and produce stands are groaning with beautiful tomatoes, blueberries, peaches and more.

Photo by Robbie Componetto via Southern Living

I think I have eaten BL T's with beautiful sun kissed tomatoes at least twice a week in the last month and this week I ate 3 pounds of cherries. Thankfully not all in the same day.

Using fresh produce these recipes would be great  to try this weekend; Summertime Corn Salad from Twirl and Taste and scrumptious homemade cherry jam from Manon 21.

Summertime Corn Salad from Twirl and Taste

If you like to cook or bake and love a challenge than go over to Rattlebridge Farm and sign up for the mystery ingredient club. I think it sounds like a great way to expand my repertoire of recipes.

In fact if you live in Missouri than you can download this free app which will help you find, select, prepare and store fresh fruits and vegetables. I wish they had an app like this for my area.

If it is raining in your area this weekend and you would like to enjoy a little armchair traveling visit the Abbey House Gardens on the The Swenglish Home.

Image Abbey House Gardens

 Helena's stunning photos will make you feel as if you are walking along side her in this beautiful garden. While visiting this post, take a little time to visit her her entire blog, but make sure to get a cup of tea before you start because you will be there awhile. 

Image from A Library of Design via the NY Times

A Library of Design has an interesting post about the supernatural in fashion, magazine shoots, and  movies in Things in the Attic The Return of Supernatural in Fashion and Film. By the way if you love Paris, Janelle has written a beautiful book about Paris(HERE), and it is just one of the 18 books, yes 18, that she has written.

Image from Matchbook Magazine

A little trivia, 5 Things You Didn't Know About Wallis Simpson from Matchbook Magazine and 5 Things Happy People Do  from Oprah.

Just curious, When did you stop thinking you were beautiful? Have you seen this video from Dove? It is part of their self-esteem campaign for girls. I think it is great!

As always there are too, too many wonderful things on the internet for me to share. But I hope that you find something that you like and if you have a link that you think we would find interesting please leave it in the comment section. 

By the way, Marsha at Splenderosa is having a 50% sale of  some of the beautiful jewlery in her online store so don't forget to check it out. 

Have a fabulous and safe weekend!


  1. Elizabeth, thank you for the shout-out on our sale!
    This is one of your most fabulous posts, I love everything about it. So much good information.

  2. I am drooling over those peaches, I wish it was summer just to eat those. When did I stop thinking I was beautiful? well I'm now 61 years old and I'd say about five or six years ago when I suddely became invisible, it is amazing that when we age no one looks at us any more.

  3. Love corn salad and few things excite me like arriving at a really good it!
    Have a great weekend.

  4. OH a delicious post in so many senses of the word...those cherries, those PEACHES and that manor? YES, this is a summer day. Enjoy your Friday my sweet friend! Anita

  5. Good morning Elizabeth! I always love your Friday favorites - great ideas!

    Enjoy your weekend...xoxo

  6. Thanks for such a fun post with the links. :D I'l come back and play when I have more time this afternoon.


  7. Mmmm! Always feel inspired to create something delicious after going to a farmers market. The fruits and veges are at their peak now:) Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Hello sweet girl,
    That farmers market, talk about bumper crops!
    I love the posts you do when you have so many interesting links to explore. That's my weekend reading sorted!
    Hope you are well dearest. It's summer here, sun has been shining for over a week now - yippppeeeeee!
    Much love

  9. I love seeing the produce - those peaches look awesome.My favorite summer fruit!

  10. Elizabeth, I brought home two (small) baskets of peaches this morning. I can't wait to cut one open. Enjoy your weekend.

  11. What a delicious post, my dear, in every way! I wish I could say our farmer's markets are overflowing...our winter ended late this year, so we're still waiting for bumper crops. Oh well...thank goodness for the Whole Foods stores! :)
    I hope you get some rest and relaxation, dear Elizabeth...the links you gave look wonderful...I'll try to visit them this Sunday....
    Have a beautiful day, my friend!!
    - Irina

  12. That corn salad has my attention!

    We've got a number of farmer's markets here. The largest one is on Sundays, and it has quite a variety.


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