Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July is National Berry Month

Did you know that July is National Berry month? Nor did I, but it makes perfect sense as it is the month when most of the berries are at their peak. 

Blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries all ready and waiting to be picked and eaten as is, or perhaps made into something scrumptious. 

I have to be honest, I am not a huge fab of blackberries or blueberries but I love raspberries. Strawberries I can take or leave, perhaps because as a teen I would eat my weight in strawberries in the summer.

 My sister and I picked strawberries as our summer job and you could eat as many as you wanted. Of course if you ate too many you ate your paycheck away. After all, you cannot fill your containers if you are stuffing your face. 

Blackberry Crumble Coffee Cakes

Berries are considered to be super foods and they are very good for you, but you probably already knew that. Did you know that they have high amounts of antioxidants and can reverse the effects of aging, arthritis and many other diseases. Not to mention improve your memory. 

Strawberries with Pancakes

They are high in fiber, low in fats and calories and are great sources of vitamin C. In fact there is more vitamin C in strawberries than in an orange. 

French Toast with Raspberries

Do you have a favorite berry? Or a delicious berry recipe to share?

Strawberry Limeade

I have lots of berry recipes on my blog and have included a few links and images in this post. If you do not see what you are looking for just email me?

Blueberry Scones

Stay cool and have a great week!

P.S: Did you know that strawberries, blackberries and raspberries are part of the rose family?

Blackberry&Blueberry Cake


  1. I didn't know it was National berry month or that they are part of the rose family. There isn't a berry around that I won't eat love them all. I really, really, really like raspberries and chocolate together....try it Elizabeth!


  2. Elizabeth, I look forward to berry season all year long. Not being a fan of summer it is the one thing positive I can find. And, I love them all! I am making my favorite strawberry cupcakes for a memorial celebration tomorrow evening. You always have the best tidbits of information; I didn't know strawberries, et al, were in the rose family. It makes perfect sense though. Have a wonderful Tuesday. Bonnie

  3. GOOD MORNING ELIZABETH! We just got back from a walk where we picked wild raspberries growing in the alleys! I just love those fuzzy little raspberries and I put them on my finger tips and eat them like a child puts olives on her fingers!!!!!! In a shake, in cereal or off your fingers, berries are the best, any time of the year! Have a super day, Anita

  4. Yes! Huge berry fan .. all types, I'm not picky and I enjoy them in shakes, pies, cereal, muffins, salads.. I could keep going:) I didn't know it was a BERRY holiday ~ makes perfect sense as they are everywhere and so sweet!

  5. Now I am REALLY craving something made with berries...these all look delicious! xoxo

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  7. Dear Elizabeth,
    I love all berries, even more so after I found out how good they are for you!

    2013 Designers Series

  8. Ah, I'm famished again!

    I actually prefer blueberries.


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