Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Refreshing Summer Drinks


The sweltering weather has had me thinking about cool and refreshing drinks. Of course the typical ones come to mind, lemonade, limeade and sweet tea. 

Hibiscus Tea

I personally love limeade made with fresh squeezed limes and simple syrup, add a few springs of mint and you have the perfect drink. 

Iced Sun Tea

Lemonade is a close second, but it has to be made fresh, never from a mix. Let's face it Summer only comes once a year, you might as well do it right. 

Mint Tea

For many others Summer wouldn't be summer without sweet tea. I have heard sweet tea recipes are passed from generation to generation, not being from he South I cannot be sure of this. If you are from the South please let me know.  

Peach Tea Punch

Cilantro Limeade

I have to be honest I am not a fan of sweet tea. It is too sweet, just like watermelon which is another summer favorite that I do not enjoy. 

Lemon-blueberry Sweet Tea

There are limitless possibilities for making a new and refreshing drink, with or without alcohol. You could use berries and stone fruits, or citrus. Early gray, camomile, mint tea and more. Then you can top them off with cilantro, mint, basil or lavender. 

Sweet Tea

Blueberry-Pomegranate Slushy

I actually was surprised buy all of the interesting combinations that I found, and as I mentioned these are just a few of the drinks I found. Perhaps in another post I will have to compile of alcoholic beverages, after all who doesn't love a fruity cocktail?

Lavender Lemonade

Do you have a favorite summer drink or a recipe for one that you are willing to share? I enjoy hearing your likes and dislikes, recipes and suggestions, so do not be shy and share with us. 

Watermelon Juice

I hope that you find time to sit back today with your favorite drink and savor a moment today! Enjoy!


  1. That lavender lemondade sounds perfect, but if I were to drink it, I should be home, near a couch or ready to CONK OUT because lavender is a great way to fall asleep!!!!!

    Is it still ever so hot for you out there? We are having 75-80 degrees this week and it is perfect. Now let's just see what our winter will be like! Anita

  2. I simply like a nice big glass of iced tea during the summer, not really a winter drink. I've never had limeade so might be time to try something new!


  3. Elizabeth, Sweet tea is a staple at the southern dinner table, but it is my grandmothers' fruit teas I remember. Those recipes are held close to the heart, and as individual as the hostess. The last few summers I have become addicted to iced green tea, unsweetened of course. I do hope you are finding some relief from the heat and finding time to relax with one of those lovely drinks. Enjoy your Wednesday. Bonnie

  4. Yum...peach tea is my favorite. I love iced tea in all its many flavors and no time is as perfect to enjoy a cool drink than summer.

  5. There are just too many good drinks to choose from... I'm making lavender lemonade today!

  6. What a great post to mint tea and several of these I MUST try!!

  7. Lavender infused drinks are popping up everywhere! I like a lemony-lime flavor in the summer. These all look so good Elizabeth. Thanks for sharing!

  8. These all look so good, especially the peach tea! I can't get enough peaches this year!!

    Have a great day! xoxo


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