Monday, July 8, 2013

Scenes from a Summer Weekend

Good morning! 
How was your holiday weekend? Did you relax, unwind and eat lots of barbecue foods? Mine was filled with all of the above and more, but instead of  droning on and on I thought I would just show you a few photos from my weekend. 

Beautiful sunny day.

I do not know this man, but he and his friends looked cool. 

My little pup swimming. 

Love these lanterns.

These bars are scrumptious! Especially just warm from the oven. 

As you can see there was time at the beach, boating, relaxing, baking, eating and more. Tell me, what did you do? 

Did you make some tasty treats that you would like to share the recipe ? Did you watch the fireworks? Go to a parade? Bake? Or read and relax? What is on your reading list this week? If you need a few suggestions visit HERE and HERE.

Or if you would like to bake the bars pictured above, visit Once Upon A Chocolate Life for the recipe.

I hope that you have a fabulous week


  1. I baked all day on July 2 for my daughter to take goodies to her 4th of July party weekend at Lake Tahoe. I talked to her today when she got back and she said everything was gone within 12 hours of her arriving at the house. I made Frownies (brownies filled with caramel and chocolate chips), flag shaped sugar cookies and mini cupcakes decorated with flags. I was glad to bake and then send them off.

    For our 4th of July street party, I made 10 dozen homemade chocolate chip cookies which became 5 dozen ice cream sandwiches. I make them for 3 of the 4 street parties our lane has each year. I don't make them for the New Year's Eve progressive dinner.

    Your day looked lovely on the water.

  2. I cooked and baked for the 4th and for the husbands birthday after that I was done baking for the week. We spent a great deal of time at the lake swimming but Dylan doesn't have a life vest. Your pup looks so cute with a life vest on and lime green, very fashionable. I made some blueberry/lemon bars that the husband went crazy for and I should post the recipe they're very refreshing.

    Stay cool my friend!

  3. Ready for sunshine in my neck of the woods (Georgia). We've had nothing but rain, in various forms, for the past several weeks and it was not weather conducive to partying outdoors over the 4th. Actually, more like the hot, steamy weather we usually have in August--not June or July.

    Good reading weather, however. Yesterday I began reading a book I picked up recently at an estate sale ..... very old copy of "The Hotel" by Elizabeth Bowen. The first novel of EB, published in 1928, which landed her at the top of the book world. It is described as "high comedy, ... the hotel is a little island of leisurely life hung on the cliffs and in the sky above the Italian Riviera, where comic figures play in a queer fantasy that sometimes is very subtle and sometimes broadly humorous." If you like the old period pieces on Masterpiece Theater, this book will be to your liking. That's a hint to MT, if it hasn't be filmed already.

  4. OH ELIZABETH!!!!!! I have missed you dearest, SO MUCH! But have I been having a super fun time with my cousins......and look at your puppy, all ready for fun in the sun. I'm coming home late tonight and will resume blogging on Wednesday. HUGS HUGS HUGS! Anita

  5. I hope you got my comment....I just commented but I had to log in at the last moment! I WILL BE RESUMING BLOGGING in a few days my beloved friend! Anita

  6. You must have had a most glorious time. And the pup with the life so cute. That is a life jacket it not. the water looks so inviting and so does that man...LOL. I'm married not dead...LOL. Of course being me I love all the goodies. Yes we had a wonderful time to. My brother was visiting me up from Florida. That was the best.
    Thank you for sharing your good time and beautiful pics.
    XXOO Marie Antoinette

  7. Glad you had good weather and the perfect weekend. We enjoyed rain and clouds and more rain. Did get some shopping done though.

  8. Great pictures of what looks like a really fun weekend!! Love the pup, adorable.


  9. Love your little pup. Your weekend looks amazing Elizabeth. It's been a difficult few months for me with the legal wrangling. He still has not gone away but I can't put my life on hold for one jerk forever.

    I'M BACK!

  10. What a picture perfect 4th. I need to make those bars. I hope I can convert them to gluten free. Your dog is adorable and I love that he loves to swim. Summer is my favorite time.

  11. Oh you got my husband!! Just kidding I dont know him either, but it looks like everyone was having fun! Hope you have a great day (and dont mind my sense of humor) - Tonya

  12. Looks like a beautiful day, my dear! I love the picture of your sweet pup!! :)
    We had a little picnic, then off to see the fireworks show....a very nice day.

  13. The pup's looking like the beach would be more preferable!


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