Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer Fun List

 I mentioned a few days ago that I felt like the end of summer was just around the corner and I was promptly corrected by some friends that summer lasts until the end of September. Point taken. But I have seen signs that Fall is approaching in my neighborhood; the bark shedding from the crepe myrtle trees, night falling a little earlier, back to school supplies creeping into the stores. I began to wonder have I done everything that I wanted to do this summer?

I have compiled a little summer list just to see how far I have gotten and to remind myself to kick things into high gear  if I want to accomplish most if not all of my list:

Visit the farmers market
Eat corn on the cob
fresh fuzzy peaches
host a barbecue or two
make s'mores
catch a firefly
take long walks on the beach

find some shells
relax in the sun with a good book
drink fresh squeezed limeade with friends
watch the world go by from my porch
go to family reunion

take a road trip or two with my husband
build a sandcastle
enjoy a BLT or two with sun ripened tomatoes
go to the drive in movie(for the first time)

make ice cream
go sailing
watch fireworks
look at the stars
take a nap
eat a wood-fired pizza

have my niece come for a two week "camp"
swim in the ocean
watch the dolphins frolic in the morning

visit a lighthouse
go to the botanical garden
go bike riding

go to a bonfire
have a picnic
roast marshmallows
try out the family Airstream

spend a week at the cabin
walk in the woods

This list is by no means comprehensive as I keep adding to it as I check a few things off.  But it is a reminder to "stop and smell the roses" as they say. After all summer is to be celebrated and enjoyed by everyone not just kids. 

Tell me, do you have a "bucket list" of things to do this summer? What have you been up to? Is there something special that signify's summer to you? Give it some thought and let us know, maybe you have something fun that we should try.

A gentle reminder to myself and to you my friends, life is so very precious and time is not to be wished away or squandered. 

Enjoy your day!


  1. Wow love this list. You reminded me of how much I love BLT'S and may make one for myself today! I have many things on my list that have not been unchecked yet, cannot believe I have yet to sit on a beach with a book ALONE and UNINTERRUPTED for a few hours, one of my favorite things to do....hopefully soon!

  2. How did I miss your post????????

    Those zinnias, oh dear, what a glorious flower. And you are so right; TIME is not to be squandered - and REST is actually not an idle time, but a necessary time to process, to allow the body to heal and to refresh. It was so nice to see your comment last night my friend - the sun is bringing back so many memories as I sit here in the midwest and a dear family member is battling cancer on the west coast. Oh the power of memory. Anita

  3. Summer is indeed whizzing by! I can't believe August is right around the corner. So much left to do and see. I'd love to squeeze in a visit to the beach. But for now, I'm just happy working in our garden (when not so hot). And, enjoying all the parking spots in town :)
    Have a wonderful weekend ahead!
    x Loi

  4. What a great list!! I need to start checking a few things off my summer list, as well.

    I did just finish an excellent book which I think you would like...Fin and Lady by Cathleen may be my favorite of the summer so far.

    Take care and have fun crossing things off your list!!! xoxo

  5. What an exciting list, summer is at long last under way here in Europe and I'm doing most things I planned. I'm just hoping that both my sons can make it to Brittany sometime this summer, to make my holiday complete.
    Have a great weekend
    Jude x

  6. A walk in the woods would be very welcome about now!


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