Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Porches, Summer Living

Southern Living Via My Home Ideas

Summertime means different things to each of us but for me it means, fireflies, lemonade, visits from family, long lazy days at the beach, and hours on the porch. 

I love  watching the world go by my front porch; people walking their dogs, getting a bit of exercise, or just watching the animals frolic in the front yard. I have a rabbit that comes every morning and sits in the clover (that I have been unsuccessful in getting rid of). In fact yesterday I saw him laying down sleeping. 

Image from Better Homes and Gardens

 In the afternoon, after both my husband and I have shut down our work for the day, we meet on the front porch for "the waning hour of the day ." That is what we have always called the hour or two that we unwind after work and talk about our day. Sometimes we will have cheese and crackers, sometimes nuts and fruit and other times we just have a cool beverage. 

It is also a favorite time for our guests. We all meet to discuss what we did during the day, what our dinner plans are or even the plans for the next day. 

Image Southern Living

 I love to be out in the early morning, with my cup of cocoa, perhaps reading or just thinking. I will wander between the front porch and the deck in the back of the house and water the various plants and feed my birds and squirrel. 

Image Southern Living
Lately I have to be honest it has been too hot for me to be out, yesterday it was 94 and about 1000% humidity. OK, only 96%  humidity but it felt like more.

Image from City Farmhouse

Do you have a porch that you enjoy spending time on? Is it in the front or back of your house? Do you prefer a rocker, an Adirondack chair or a comfy wicker chair?

Better Homes and Gardens

Do you take your morning coffee there, an afternoon siesta or a glass of wine in the evening?

Image source By Mildred

Do your read, write, play games, entertain guests? 

Image from BHG

What do you like to do on your porch? Is it a favorite gathering place for family and friends?

Image from Lony

Are you lucky enough to have a bed on your porch? I personally do not have one but I think they look fabulous and would love to test one out. 

Image from Better Homes and Gardens

Do share your porch thoughts, do you like them, do you use yours? If you have links or a favorite place to relax on your porch we would love to see them!

Image Jonny Valiant via My Home Ideas

I hope you find sometime today to relax and unwind on your favorite porch, loggia deck, balcony, or patio.

Have a wonderful day! Be safe in the heat and drink plenty of water. 


  1. I really wish I had one of those porches, I have a step up to the front door. I do have a lovely undercover area at the back, but I can't watch the world go by out there, just the dogs.

  2. I'm really enjoying the rare summer days we are experiencing in the UK at the moment. I spend day after day on the back deck watching the boats come in and out of the lock gates. Always with a mug of hot tea. Better than a cold drink for keeping cool.
    Enjoy your evenings on the porch :-)

  3. What a FABULOUS POST today my dear, but of course, I enjoy all your posts....

    I have been spending hours upon hours on our newly enclosed deck. I love this space to read and write, to watch the rabbits go by and listen to those noisy but enchanting birds who now think they own the place! But just yesterday about 2:00, I had to come in and drink at least 32 oz of water in one sitting; it became too humid and today, we are told the humidity will reach to dangerous levels. So, it's inside for me today!

    We too have bunnies that lay around in the tall grass. This summer, I have enjoyed the fact that it's OK to relax and just sit. Your post is a great reminder that summer is a time to unwind and watch the world go by from our porches, no matter how humble or grand. Have a super day - thinking of you as we both battle the humidity! Anita

  4. Love all of these and have to say as I get older I see how much I would enjoy a beautiful front porch. They are gorgeous!! I love the idea of lazy afternoons with a favorite magazine and a cool drink in the summer or fall afternoons with coffee and all snuggled up! Beautiful Elizabeth!

  5. Good morning Elizabeth! This post made me wish I had a big front or back porch more than anything in the world...I want to sit out there and make plans like you do!!

    Enjoy your day...I hope it is cooler there than it is here!!


  6. In California porches aren't as common as patios. I love mine, and I spend a lot of time out back. I'm glad you have a porch to enjoy with your hubby. And I really enjoyed these beautiful pictures, they're so inspiring.

  7. I love my front porch and have this year added a few decorative items to make it more appealing. I enjoy sitting there in the afternoon and reading, as the porch is the coolest outside spot at our home. I have also encouraged the cats to spend time there, as the concrete floor is cool to them. Air conditioning inside is wonderful, but sometimes you just have to spend time outdoors!

  8. Elizabeth, I would love to have a front porch where I could sit and watch the goings on around and greet my neighbors. I do have a back terrace/patio where I live in the spring and autumn greeting my little backyard friends. At present I spend more time in the sunroom to escape the swarms of mosquitos. I am seriously become their favorite food. Enjoy time relaxing outside, it sounds delightful. Bonnie

  9. Elizabeth what a fabulous porch post!!! I really think that porches are sometimes overlooked. Really enjoyed this.

    Have a great week

  10. I've got a fairly sizeable porch... nice for reading in the evenings.


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