Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer Salads

Bread Salad from Martha Stewart

Wow is it hot! And steamy and did I mention humid? There is at least another four or five days for at least half of the country. Just a little reminder, to drinks lots of water and keep your kids and pets out of the heat. 

I don't know about you but the heat makes me LAZY, not for important things like reading a good book or my favorite blogs just  for cooking. I cannot muster the energy to rustle up anything and I do not think cookies and cocoa are a suitable dinner.

Berry Salad from Martha Stewart

If my husband is at dinner meetings I will usually eat a bowl of cereal or a ready meal of macaroni and cheese. My husband like something more substantial.

Cucumber and Honeydew Salad from BHG

Lucky for me he loves salads, with fresh market vegetables and fruits and sometimes a grilled chicken breast. 

Summer Succotash Salad from BHG

Summer salad recipes abound in Martha Stewart, Southern Living, Country Living and Better Homes and Gardens to name just a few of the places I looked.  I have a Salad Pinterest Board if you would like a few other suggestions. 

Grilled Corn Salad from Rachel Ray

And Patricia Wells, my favorite cookbook author, has written an excellent, not to mention beautiful book Salad As A Meal: Healthy Main Dish Salads for Every Season. If you are not familiar with the work of Patricia Wells, the next time you are at the bookstore or on Amazon, get a cup of coffee and take the time to peruse her books. You will end up buying one if not all of them, especially if you love French cooking.

Image Source

Summer Pasta Market Salad from Southern Living

Most of the time I enjoy salads with corn, avocado, nuts, tomatoes and cheese. Then other days I can make a salad from just heirloom tomatoes and basil. 

Grilled Peaches and Avocado Salad from Southern Living

I really do not think you can do anything to ruin a salad, except maybe drown it in dressing, which I am sometime guilty of. 

Watermelon and Feta Salad from Southern Living

Do you eat salad as a main meal? Do you have a favorite salad recipe? Or a dressing?

Image from Country Living

Summer Salad from Country Living

Are you a fan of fruit in salad? I do not mind berries but I do not like watermelon, oddly enough it is too sweet. I have heard that the Watermelon Feta Salad is quite tasty though so if you do enjoy watermelon  you might want to give it a try.

Triple Berry Salad from Iowa Girl Eats

Apple Salad with toasted almonds and blue cheese

I hope that if you try any of these recipes you let us know. Many of these are new to me but I will be trying them this week while the heatwave continues.

Fresh Tomato's and Purple Basil

Bean Salad from Martha Stewart

Cobb Salad from Martha Stewart

Have a great day and stay hydrated and cool! 

And to my best friend in the whole world and beautiful sister, Happy Birthday! I love you and wish we were celebrating together. I hope you have a wonderful party. I will have this cake waiting for you when you visit!


  1. What gorgeous salads, we're having a heat wave here too, though the sea breeze on the coast in Brittany lessens the intensity!
    I hope your sister has a great day, and that you have somewhere cool to persue your reading.
    Jude x

  2. These salads all look delicious...especially the triple berry salad. Perfect for hot summer evenings!

    Happy birthday to your sister!! xoxo

  3. GOOD MORNING MY DEAR! I am living on salads and my favorite is with lots of walnuts and strawberries and chicken! I have to run off, but just wanted to come by to say hello and we too are having a heck of a humid week. I've been drinking lots of water, but I'm still getting foot cramps! Gotta slow down.....

    Big hugs and that cake...yikes! Anita

  4. Mmmm! Delicious salad selection Elizabeth! The addition of berries to fresh vegetables is a healthy and refreshing combination. (the chocolate cake looks amazing!)

  5. OK my favorite here is your chocolate cake..sorry but true:) Second choice would be the roasted corn and cobb salad, both look so good and guilt free which is almost as good as a bite of dense chocolate cake:)

  6. I could live on salads during the summer! But not so my HB either, so I do have to cook a bit in hot weather. My favorite is a bit of Rommaine with small amounts of black beans, black olives, avocado, boiled egg, tomato, onion, walnuts and Parmesan. I make a fresh basil dressing summer that is so good. Hope your heat wave goes away soon. So KEEP CALM AND EAT SALAD!

  7. The salads . . . ALL . . . look wonderful. I can't wait to try. I am stopping in for a first time visit, thanks to Bonnie, Living Life.. And now I plan to treat myself to more browsing of Pinecones and Acorns . . .

  8. I'm popping in from Bonnie at Living life too. Lovely blog. We move into a house with a porch in two weeks so your previous post was most opportune.I will be following.

  9. I came by for another munch this morning! Oh dearest, are you having as much humidity as we are? Irina came over yesterday and I thought we could enjoy being out on the way! TOO HOT!

    Hope you are having a cooler day ahead. Anita

  10. Elizabeth! So many delicious looking salads and I can just taste them I think I will make my Trader Joe's checklist from these salads!. A shrimp and cantaloupe with avocado salad I make is yummy!

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  11. I do like some salads... I tend to avoid bean salads.


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