Friday, August 16, 2013

Favorites on Friday from A Bloomsbury Life, Ben Pentreath, Herriott Grace, and More!

Good morning! How is your week? Are you ready for the weekend? OK, that is obviously a silly/stupid question because I have never heard anyone answer no. I too am ready to relax as I have had a busy week.

I have found some recipes, entertainment, helpful hints and blogs to help you while away a few relaxing hours this weekend. I hope that you enjoy them and your weekend. 

I love British television, there are so many great shows that in the past were available on BBC America or other cable channels but I have not been able to find them as readily recently. Luckily you can now watch all of your favorite British TV shows on My Expat Network.  Thank you to Lisa from A Bloomsbury Life for sharing this tid bit! I was not familiar with My Expat Network and I am now addicted

I discovered two new blog this week and I know that I will be sitting down with a cup of cocoa to peruse back posts tomorrow morning.

Image Ben Pentreath

The first,  Ben Pentreath is a beautiful blog; his work, adventures, writing and photos will have you day dreaming about picking up stakes and moving to England.

Handmade cutting boards. Image from Harroitt Grace via Forty-Sixth at Grace

The second, Forty-Sixth at Grace is blog perfection, a beautifully written blog with magazine quality photographs, recipes and writing. Not to mention that the story behind the blog and the store Herriott Grace, an endeavor of hand crafted items made by dad in Canada and sold by his loving daughter, is sweet and endearing. 

Dorm Inspiration image via Apartment Therapy

School will soon be starting and I know many of you are getting ready to send your kids off to college, Leslie at Gwen Moss has some great ideas for decorating dorms.

Image from Sauveur Magazine via Rustic Rooster Blog Photo Credit Todd Coleman

For those of you who are looking for something light and healthy after too many summer treats, The Rustic Rooster featured a delicious salad nicoise.

Image from Alexandra's Kitchen via Pinterest

Or if you are like me and prefer something a little more substantial than visit Alexandra's Kitchen where the photos look good enough to eat.  This pizza is calling my name!

If you are looking for some ideas while traveling in France that include food check out this post,  A Foodie Tour in St. Remy by The Provence Post.

Image The Grass Skirt Blog

I have seen coconut oil everywhere but I think I may be the last person in blogland to actually try it, this week armed with these helpful tips from  The Grass Skirt Blog I am going to.

I bid you adieu and hope that you have a beautiful weekend. I will be off to the farmers market, perhaps take a walk on the beach and spend some nice relaxing time with my husband and pup. 


  1. Elizabeth, I was happily reading along enjoying all your recommendations when suddenly I see my own name! Thank you my friend for the kind shout out. I couldn't be in a more enjoyable post. I'm loving all these topics, and you'll be glad to know that you're not the last one in blogland to try coconut oil either. I just bought my first container after hearing so many healthy raves about it. How's that for great timing? And I've just visited The Grass Skirt Blog too. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Well that's more than enough to keep me busy with a cup of cocoa on this grey drizzly day. Off for a read! Xxx

  3. Oh Elizabeth, that blog, HERRIOT GRACE! I am aiming toward taking my own bright and beautiful photos as such, and I love the clean lines of her blog and text. Thank you for always sharing the beauty. No go out and have a super weekend! Anita

  4. Elizabeth!
    You will love the properties and uses of coconut oil!
    I just recently found Erin at The Grass Skirt! She is definitely a must share!

    I adore Herriot Grace!

    I cannot take my eyes off of that perfect dorm room! It speaks to me! I am transitioning my daughter's old room into guest-study - sewing - crafting room! The image meets all of my thoughts and dreams!
    Thank you for gathering all of this wonder!
    Happy Weekend!

  5. Hi Elizabeth...thanks for the wonderful links! I checked them all out last night and added all of them to my favorites!

    Have a lovely weekend! xoxo

  6. That pizza looks sooo good, can you tell I am hungry? Thanks for the links, always enjoy seeing whats gotten your attention.

    Have a great weekend!!

  7. The Nicoise is calling me name... ;)
    Thank you for an always wonderfully curated "Friday Favorites"...

  8. Thanks for your links to beautiful blogs,I'm going to take your lead. I love eating light,these look so good. Hope you had a lovely weekend !
    Xo Nancy

  9. That pizza looks utterly scrumptious.


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