Saturday, August 24, 2013

Friday Favorites from Henhurst Interiors, Gimme Some Oven, Many Kitchens and More

Good morning! I hope that you have had a great week! I was busy doing all of the things I shouldn't do so that I did not have to do the things I should. I spent too much time on the Internet looking at new blogs, art, online courses and all sorts of things that made it to my Friday Favorites, baking and reading. 

I began my week with a  lovely walk with Monica at A Nantucket State of Mind in her garden; I wish I had a green thumb and a garden like this!

Image Henhurst Interiors

Then moved on with Phyllis of Henhurst Interiors to visit the lovely North Hill Garden in Vermont. North Hill is the home and garden of horticulturalists and authors, Joe Eck and the late Wayne Winterrowd. 

While visiting  Sandy at You May Be Wandering this week I traveled to 36 cities, in 21 countries. The video she posted by photographer Luke Sheperd of European landmarks is a work of art. Make sure to take a peek.

Image from Style Saint

I discovered a few new blogs, the first, Biiro 24/7 is a Russian blog that features fashion, movies, music, books, beauty and lifestyle. Written by former Harper's Baazar editor Miroslava Duma there is something for everyone. 

Image from Many Kitchens

The second blog is chalk full of beautiful images and recipes of artisanal food. Written by Valentina, Many Kitchens is a feast for the eyes. I cannot wait to explore this blog further and try out some of the recipes and the products. 

Image Gimme Some Oven

I did manage to "eat" my way around the Internet this week and I will be trying out this 1 Hour Cinnamon Roll recipe  from Gimme Some Oven. I have never heard of a 1 hour cinnamon roll, I will let you know how they taste as they will be in the oven Saturday morning. 

What did you do this week? Did you find a new blog or two? Did you read or bake something interesting that we should know about? I would be interested to hear what you found as I am always looking for a new book or recipe. 

I hope that you have a great day and a wonderful weekend!


  1. Good morning dearest one!

    Well, my summer is coming to a close since next week I have nothing but meetings, DAILY! Then school starts the day after Labor Day. WOW how this summer went to rapidly!

    New blogs...I haven't had a chance to discover any, but I did fall in love with the one you featured earlier in the week, with the father and daughter team out in Canada! Thanks to that visit (actually, many visits to her blog!), I changed my font on my blog. I actually like the change.

    This new school year will be about change since I'll be a permanent teacher on a part-time basis, teaching ONLY FRENCH and I am so happy about that. After a 10 year career of teaching in the French immersion setting, I'll finally be able to just teach the LANGUAGE, something I've always wanted to do.

    Funny how our paths do take turns and detours until we finally reach a road that we've always dreamed of!

    Big hugs, Anita

  2. Hi Elizabeth, thanks for the share and some fabulous Friday inspiration!
    All best,

  3. Hi Elizabeth,

    Those cinnamon rolls look delicious! Gorgeous garden at the top and I like that bright pink coat:)

    Enjoy your weekend! I'm traveling, so my internet access hasn't allowed me much blog time. It's been a fun summer!


  4. This is a great & wonderful post! I adore Phyllis so much and am happy to see her return to blogging. Sending love from Lake Como.

  5. Love all this inspiration for my Friday!! Thanks and have a great weekend!!


  6. That cinnamon bun looks delicious!

    I must have missed that PBS doc... though as I understand it, the schedule varies by station. I'll have to double check the listings for the past week.

  7. Hi Elizabeth...thanks for the shout out and all the other great links to peruse this weekend! We just made chocolate chip cookies with Rolos inside...major sugar overload especially after yesterday's chocolate tour!

    Have a lovely weekend!! xoxo

  8. Always fun to see what caught your eye, going to go check out the Nantucket blog, sounds like fun! I know how fast you can get caught up in blogland, I didn't have enough time this week to make my rounds but trying to catch up now..enjoy your weekend!

  9. love these posts elizabeth! a russian blog, how fun

  10. Hi Elizabeth, Thrilled to hear you like the blog - thanks so much for the mention. Looking forward to discovering your blog too! All best, Valentina


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