Thursday, August 22, 2013

School Lunches-Healthy Lunches

After I wrote my post yesterday about going back to school my sister and I started to reminisce about school lunches.

Lunch Bag via Caos Magazine via Pinterest

I am a very quirky eater, and to be honest I like to eat pretty much the same food all of the time, always have. In fact from the time I started grade school until I went off to high school I either ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a tuna sandwich every day.  I must have gotten burned out on the tuna because I have not eaten another one since then. What is odd is that I never liked any other seafood and still do not. I must have been enamoured with Charlie the Tuna. Does anyone else remember him?

Charlie the Tuna Via The Daily Finance

I was lucky because we moved around a lot for my dads work and we went to some great schools. One grade school that we attended had a candy room, yes you read that correctly, a room of candy and junk food that was set up by the nuns to supplement their convent income. The room was only open twice a week and in those days you could get some tasty treats for fifty cents! My siblings and I loved that school. Honestly I cannot remember what I would get but my sister always had either cheese corn or Cheetos's to accompany her chocolate milk.

Chocolate Cake via Once Upon a Chocolate Life

When went to high school the food was equally delicious, the nuns made cakes, cookies, and the most delicious frosted brownies. In four years I know that I consumed at least 4 of those brownies a week. I would attempt to add that up but as I said yesterday I hate math and frankly I am tired. Let me just say it is a lot of brownies. They were so good that I still think about them and I graduated in the 80's so they obviously made an impression. I am sure that if my parents knew what we were eating they would not have been happy. 

These days things have changed and kids are getting healthier meals at school and parents are looking for better alternatives to feed their kids and themselves. I found some great lunch ideas on Pinterest,  sandwiches, salads, pastas and even eggs. 

Humus-Veggie Sandwich from Be Nutritious
Fritatta from Family Fresh Cooking

Pasta, Salad, Watermelon from

Chicken Pita via Cooking Light

Vegetable Salad via Cooking Light

Healthy lunches for kids and adults should always include some protein, fruits and vegetables and of course a little snack. After all we are what are what we eat! Not to mention that eating better and healthier food makes both our minds and bones stronger. 

What was your favorite lunch when you were in school? Has it changed since you grew up? 

Do you have any healthy lunch ideas to share? If you need a few ideas look on Pinterest, there are so many great ideas for kids lunches.

I hope that you have a great day!


  1. I remember Charlie! My dad was the one that had a toasted tuna melt every day, during his retirement. To this day when I smell this sort of sandwich, I think of him. I remember my lunches well, and back, I mean WAY BACK in the early 60s, what was popular to have with your sandwich (mine were usually cheese) was LAY'S POTATO CHIPS. They HAD to be Lays, nothing else was as popular! Or if you couldn't get Lay's, Laura Schudder's variety pack was "in!"

    School starts for me in two weeks and AWAY WE GO! Have a super day Elizabeth! Anita

  2. Elizabeth, Thank you so much for this post. I have been thinking about writing a similar post. You said it beautifully. Student nutrition is a soap box where I find myself standing often. I wish everyone packed homemade nutritious lunches.

  3. What amazing memories! My favorite lunches were the ones my mom packed when I lived in Italy...I was only in 5th grade but I knew then that everything tasted better in Italy!

    I am off with my daughter for a chocolate tasting tour in NYC...sounds like something you would love! xoxo

  4. Sorry Charlie...LOL Yes I think I do remember Charlie the Tuna. I loved him too. I remember how horrid the lunches were down here in Louisiana and Mississippi. We just ended up throwing it for food fights...LOL. I'm glad Children eat healthier,
    XXOO Marie Antoinette

  5. Hello Elizabeth.
    Our mother packed our lunches, home made bread and meat, usually our own chickens or meat from animals raised by our farm. Nothing processed. We went to school in a village where the children had store bought white sliced bread and we envied them.
    Your choice of sweets in school would have made us very envious of you.


  6. Lunches were usually milk bought through the school, and Mom would pack sandwiches and cookies, things like that. Later when I made my own lunches, it was usually the same, sandwiches and whatever extras.

    I used to eat bologna and mustard sandwiches quite a bit. Haven't eaten bologna in years...


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