Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Siren Song of the Sea

As I mentioned yesterday summer means something special for each of us, some love cabins and some love cottages, especially if they are by the sea. 

New England Cottage

I have been lucky enough to live my entire life by water. In fact many of my favorite times were spent frolicking on the beach with my siblings, or walking on the beach with my husband watching the dolphins at play in the surf. Not to mention trips with friends to summer beach house rentals where we ate, drank, swam and relaxed for days at a time with not a care in the world. 

Sarah Richardson

A beach house need not be grand or over the top, it just needs a few essentials. Pull up a chair and lets discuss the "perfect" beach house. A beautiful view is always nice, as is lots of comfy seating for friends and family. 

Photographer: Grey Crawford, for Coastal Living

Of course a great kitchen to whip up a few fruity drinks and some tasty morsels is a must too. After all, who doesn't love a fruity cocktail?

Bunk Room, Photographer: Lisa Romerein, Coastal Living

Perhaps a bunk rooms for all of the kids and a beautiful room with a view for me!  

Image from Brunch At Sacks via Houzz

Aside from that I really do think I would need more than that, after all I am here for the sea, sand and the sun. 

Image Pottery Barn

What do you like about the beach? My favorite thing to do at the beach is to walk in the water and to look for treasures, shells, urchins, sand dollars, and starfish, maybe some driftwood?

 Then I like to sit in my chair and read, and try not to burn. The sun sadly is not my friend, I have very fair skin and I always burn and get lots of freckles. 

Tell me your beach stories. Where do you go? Do you own or rent? On the ocean, or a lake? 

I hope that you have a fabulous day wherever you are, at the beach, on the shore or at work. 


  1. I have spent my entire adult life at the beach. As a high school senior, I sat on the jetty in Balboa, CA looking out at the water and vowed that I would live by the sea. We begin each morning walking along the shore talking about what our day will be. I just retired from teaching, but we still walked every morning before school. The only difference now is that we do not have to walk so early. I can't imagine living anywhere else.

  2. That New England Cottage is my idea of heaven! It must be wonderful to live so near the water. I'm a little over an hour away but with summer traffic it's a nightmare. Still, I am planning on making my way down this weekend :)

  3. I also had the good fortune of living near the water as a young girl in California and Hawaii (rough I know:) And now we are just about a mile away from the sound, love the beach and am my happiest there. To sit uninterrupted with a great book, some snacks and a cool drink and listen to the waves crashing is heaven on earth for me. Just perfect........

  4. what a gorgeous, gorgeous seaside home!!!
    So bright and airy. How can it be kept so clean in the salt air.
    I would try though...LOL.
    I live near the Gulf Coast.It is so fun to just walk along the beach. You never know what you will find.
    Thank you for sharing this lovely post and your lovely self.
    XXOO Marie Antoinette

  5. Great photos. The first part of my life spent near the water. Now I am in Texas and I miss the beach like crazy. Great post. Love your blog. I'm your 300th follower!

  6. Oh sweet friend, how true this is for me; a cottage by the sea is all I would need, but our cottage not far from a lake is just as great. Yesterday while reading on my deck, a gust of wind came and I felt as if the sea was just over the hedge. What a glorious post today. LOVE! Anita

  7. I love the ocean and our dream is to someday live closer to it. I lived in west LA during my grad school years and I never forgot the smell of the sea. It calls to me even now. Thanks for these gorgeous photos I'm in love with Sarah Richardson's beach house. That's my version of heaven along with a great book. Hope you're enjoying your summer. Wear lots of sunblock :)

  8. Hello Elizabeth

    I love what you have shown today. I was born by the Atlantic ocean in Galway Ireland, the beach was our front garden. Since then I have lived by the ocean in some countries. We have a home on the inter-coastal in Florida, just a 3 minute walk to the Gulf of Mexico and we can hear the waves lapping.
    I will always love the ocean.
    Have a brilliant weekend


  9. It's been a long while since I've last seen the ocean, living inland.


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