Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Drinks for Fall Comfort

Good morning! Just a few more days and the curtain closes on summer, September 22 at 4:44 pm according to the Farmers Almanac. It is always good to have detailed information like this, just in case you find yourself on Jeopardy or something.

As I mentioned yesterday I am ready for Fall, OK beyond ready,  and cannot wait to relax and savor long days by the fire, the crunch of leaves underfoot, the crisp air in the late afternoon and early morning and of course all of the comforts of home.

Anyone that has followed this blog for any length of time knows that my beverage of choice 365 days a year is hot chocolate, I enjoy it if it 97 degrees and hot or 32 and freezing. 

Basil Mint Hot Chocolate made by me. Recipe at Once Upon a Chocolate Life

But I do enjoy other drinks in the Fall, tea, ciders, Chai latte, wassail and the occasional coffee drink sitting around the fire chatting with family and friends. There are a plethora of drinks and recipes out there, many of which were new to me. Of course Pinterest is filled with delightful recipes as our Martha Stewart, Country Living and more. 

Spiced Cider from Country Living

White Spice Coffee from Country Living

Cranberry Apple Crush from BHG

Vanilla Cafe-au-lait from CL

Black Island Fog Coffee Drink from CL

Irish Coffee Martha Stewart

Spiked Jones from Martha Stewart

Steamed Milk

Image me.

Tell me what drinks bring you comfort on a cool or chilly day? Do you have a favorite or do you return again and again to the same things?

If you would like additional drink ideas or other Fall recipes, decorating ideas and more than check out my Fall Pinterest Board. And if you have a Pinterest page or Fall board please leave a link so that we can follow you!

I hope that you have a great day!


  1. My favourite hot drink would be chai latte, but this afternoon I needed an energy boost, I made a moccha mint coffee, it wasn't as good as I had hoped but it has given me the energy to get through the rest of the afternoon. The weather is just starting to warm, I'm looking forward to summer.

  2. Hi there, I love hot chocolate too but only in fall and winter. It takes me back to being a young girl again and besides its soooo good!! I love how you displayed all your favorite drinks in so many beautiful mugs!

  3. I am so glad that chocolate is good for your health because I too enjoy it and have it every day! HELLO my friend! The air is getting chillier, indeed!!! Anita

  4. It is certainly starting to feel like fall!! I may have to get a pumpkin spice latte when I go out later!!

    Enjoy your day, Elizabeth! xoxo

  5. What a visual feast to see all of these warm and comforting drinks in such lovely settings! I am a tea drinker no matter what the season, I just change the selection of tea to match my mood:)

  6. Hot chocolate is always welcome, as is tea with an obscene amount of sugar.

    I had a cold months ago, and it was a bad one for the throat. It was suggested that I try drinking hot apple juice or lemonade. Both helped.

  7. With the temps still in the 90s here, my morning coffee is the only hot drink I can tolerate at the present. I do love hot chocolate with a stick of peppermint as a stirrer. I do hope you are enjoying cooler weather. Bonnie

  8. My dear, I know how much you look forward to these cozy months!! You have the most comforting writing style...
    I think you can guess what what my new favorite hot drink is! Yes, the pumpkin white hot chocolate you shared with us...yumm.

    Love your photos....
    Has it cooled down where you are? Are the leaves changing?
    We are expecting another couple of hot and humid days, but at least I'm seeing pumpkins at the grocery store! :)
    Much love to you,
    - Irina

  9. It is so hard to get into fall at this time of year in CA but you sure provided some fabulous temptations!!

  10. Elizabeth,
    These Fall drinks look amazing, especially the white spice coffee. I love hot drinks during the Autumn and Winter months. Your blue china is beautiful. For some reason, blue china is the prettiest to me. My wedding china was even in blue.

    Happy Fall season.



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