Friday, September 13, 2013

Favorites on Friday from The Little Red House, Decor8, Ann Mah and More

Good morning, and a very happy, happy Friday to you. I am always ready for the weekend but as I mentioned at least once before this week has just felt very long. Hopefully the weekend will feel the same because I feel like spending a few hours in the kitchen with some pumpkin, making some old favorites and a few new. 
Although I did not have a lot of time this week for perusing  the Internet I did manage to find a few favorites. I realize there are something like 125 million blogs for me to explore but I find I am often drawn to the same things over and over, food, travel, design, books, and art to name but a few topics. I hope you find something new, if not I hope that you will share your new finds with me. 

If you are a decor fan and would like to know what is trending in design, check out the guest post from Gudy of Eclectic Trends on Decor8. Gudy has just returned from the Maison & Objets show in Paris and her post is filled with all of the "in" things in decor this season. 

Fall is the perfect time, at least in my mind, to bake bread. It is so comforting to smell the spices and yeast and to enjoy a fresh from the oven piece of bread( or two ) with butter. This year I am going to try some new bread recipes and one of  those will be Brioche from Twigg Studios. If you are not familiar with the incredibly talented Aimee than make sure that you have a free hour or two to peruse her beautiful blog and recipes. 

While you are doing that, make a little more time and visit my new blog discovery, The Little Red House.  Sheena is a photographer and of course the blog is filled with drool worthy photos, many of which you can find in The Family Flavor, a book written by fellow blogger Whitney Ingram.

Image from Ann Mah

Speaking of blogger books, check out Ann Mah's new book Mastering the Art of French Eating, I already ordered mine.

If you are looking for the perfect time to take in the Fall foliage than look no further than Roadtrippers. I have heard the colors are going to be beautiful this year. 

Don't forget to watch The Last Tango in Hailifax on Sunday for a little light hearted fun to start your week off. Or to check out this triple tissue commercial from Extra gum. I actually saw it this week on a fellow blogger page but I cannot remember who to give credit to. If it was your post please let me know so I can link to you. 

Image of "Sunset at Montmajour" from Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

I will leave you with this long lost Van Gogh painting which was "discovered sitting in an attic " interesting "hook" to the story but  not the whole one. If you are interested you can read about it HERE and if you would like more information about Vincent van Gogh and the newly renovated museum in Amsterdam, click HERE

I hope that you have a fabulous weekend. Be safe and enjoy!

One last thought, if you feel like a little chocolate, come over to Once Upon a Chocolate Life and try these S'more Brownies! Easy and delicious. 


  1. Road trip? I'm on! Except I cannot miss my favorite NFL teams, so I'll have to stop for that. Great bunch of goodness here today, Elizabeth. xx's

  2. Brioche..yum! I am going to go right to Roadtrippers, thanks for the heads up, I plan on doing some serious foliage scouting this season and don't plan to miss a photo op!

  3. Oh my goodness what a feast for my eyes! I can't wait to check out all the links. The one for "Roadtrippers" is timely because I have an article due on fall foliage drives in New England for a magazine this week. I need to order the French Eating book before my trip (although with all your yummy restaurant suggestions, maybe I won't need it). Thanks for all of this, Elizabeth!

    Have a great weekend! xoxo

  4. Those brownies :) Yummy! The French Eating cookbook looks like a wonderful addition to any kitchen. Thanks for all the links Elizabeth and enjoy your weekend. xxL

  5. Elizabeth!
    You are my Friday night with a glass of wine treat!
    I am toasting a kick bottom Pacific Northwest Cabernet you and this post!
    Happy weekend!

  6. I love all your suggestions, I often click through from your reading list and discover all kinds of delights.

    Thanks for your lovely comment, I agree that it is never too early to think about Christmas. I'm not working this year but am on the parents committee, on Monday we start planning the Christmas Fair!

    I've also tried to register for the course, but I saw on Facebook that the registration will now be in October, though I'm going to keep checking, I don't want to miss it. I'll let you know as soon as registration starts,

    Have a lovely weekend, I'm going to buy some winter clothes for my daughter and some new Wellington boots, we seem to be making up for the glorious summer here, it has rained every day for a week!

    God Bless
    Love Jude x

  7. Oh, my dear, I am SO ready for pumpkins, Fall colors and cooler weather!! Thank you so much for visiting has been an absolutely non-stop couple of months...and only now am I able to get back to blogging. But please know that I'm always thinking of you! :)

    Your yummies look divine, and I always look forward to your Friday finds. THAT BOOK! Going on my list for sure. A few days ago I tried my hand at a gluten-free honey cake. Almond meal and a bit of buckwheat was fabulous. Let me know if you'd like the recipe...
    Enjoy the weekend, dear friend!!
    Much love,
    - Irina

  8. Elizabeth! I am running around like a mad woman here; school is awesome but time-consuming. Like always, your posts are delicious! Anita

  9. Lots of goodness to explore this week. I pinned "...French Eating" yesterday while on the treadmill. I suppose this is a bit of a juxtaposition. I can only imagine the cravings. Have a wonderfully slow and grand weekend. Hugs!

  10. Elizabeth thank you for all these wonderful links, I just copied the pumpkin bar recipe, it's positively mouth watering. I've been catching up on your blog. I hope you're having a relaxing weekend!

  11. Ann Mah's book has my tummy rumbling just at the thought of it. I am off to Amazon to investigate.
    Lots of Sunday love Elizabeth.
    Paul X


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