Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Maine Farmer's Markets

Good morning! Aside from the beautiful scenery of Maine, the quaint towns, and of course all of the sea food one of my favorite things we did was visit the farmers market. 

We frequent one where we live but this one felt different. Probably because this market which was held in Bath sold everything from produce, to flowers, and artisan bread, 

fresh cheese, soups, seafood, 

eggs, meats, milk and more!

Every booth held something delectable and beautiful!

There were even things that I had never seen, different colored beans, interesting squash

and mushrooms of so many varieties. 

Have you ever head of the "hen of the woods" mushroom? Me neither. 

Aside from the interesting foods, and beautiful flowers,  the people there were so friendly and knowledgeable. Each person that we met was eager to share their produce or cheese and to explain how to grow it or to prepare it. 

If I ate mushrooms I now know how to grow many varieties in my own garden thanks to the explanations of not only the proprietor of this booth but to her customers. 

Although I love my own farmers market I do wish it had more of these beautiful products, and quite honestly the cheese monger and the doughnut maker. 

Tell me, do you go to the Farmer's Market in your town? Is there anything special that you go for or do you simply go to take advantage of the fresh local produce?

I hope that you have a beautiful Fall day!

If you find yourself in Bath, Maine make sure to stop at the Farmer's Market and if you do please let me know what you think!


  1. WHAT DELICIOUS JOY TODAY!!! Fresh from Maine, and beautiful colors. Much love to you today dearest Elizabeth! Anita

  2. Now this is I would have had such a field day...thanks for sharing the fun.

  3. Absolutely beautiful photos. Looks like a great market.

  4. Great photos Elizabeth! I always enjoy my visits to our local markets. The produce is delicious, fresh,and presented well. It's also good to support our local folks:) Enjoy your day! xxleslie

  5. Elizabeth, I love visiting farmer's markets when I am visiting other places. They each have their own flavor. I have heard Maine is a beautiful state. It is on my "sometime" list. Love see all your photographs. Hugs, Bonnie


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