Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Maine, My New Favorite Place

Good morning and happy Fall! I am back from a wonderful adventure to Maine. It was my first time visiting both New Hampshire and Maine and I am sure that I am not the first to say this but I will anyway, I could move there tomorrow. 

Both states are beautiful, laid back, filled with friendly people, picturesque villages, scrumptious food and tons of history. 

We were there for business but tacked on almost a week of extra days to explore and it was heaven. No agenda, just long days wandering aimlessly along the coast seeing one more beautiful place than the last. 

There are already trees turning beautiful shades of red and orange and I would guess that we are weeks away from what is considered "peak season." Perhaps those were the early birds.Whatever the case I am sure that it will be beautiful over the next few weeks.

The weather was perfect, sunny days and cool evenings. 

As you know lobsters are everywhere, as is any other seafood you can think of. That was lucky for my husband as he is a huge fan, me not so much. Don't worry though I did not starve, I managed to find many treats to eat and if you follow me on Instagram than you were able to see them. 

Have you been to Maine? New Hampshire? I know several of you live there or have houses there, what are your favorite towns to visit? Places to eat? 

Do you have any "must see" places to visit? Have you been to any of the islands? 

As I mentioned I fell in love with Maine, my husband has always liked it and has often spoke of buying property there, and by the end of the trip we were looking at real estate. We did not buy anything yet but one never knows. 

I hope that you have a great day and a wonderful week! I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say about Maine. 

ALL photos taken by me. Pine Cones and Acorns


  1. Fun......yes Maine is a special place indeed, so much natural beauty it isn't even funny. Glad you enjoyed, sounds like you could really end up moving there!! Hope you had a lobster roll:)

  2. My dear friend.

    When we lived on the North Shore of Boston, on Sundays, we often drove up the coast through New Hampshire to Kennebunkport, Maine to have lunch, walk around the towns, then drive home for dinner! We took many road trips up the tri-state area and Vermont as well is one heck of a gorgeous place. New England is awesome, and I hope your dream comes true to one day retire there. ENJOY! Anita

  3. I so totally agree with you. I traveled the entire New England area in 2011 right after 9/11 - I fell in love with Maine and New Hampshire. I put 2300 miles on my rental car and spent 10 days just roaming and sucking in the beauty. I want to go back and pick up where I left off. I did go to Martha's Vineyard which is equally gorgeous and yes like you, I could live there forever and be perfectly happy. Glad you got to visit also.

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! I have a lot of extended family in Maine and I especially love visiting this time of year. Where were you in Maine?

  5. It looks like you had an amazing trip, Elizabeth. Maine is a special place, isn't it? I haven't spent nearly enough time there!

    Have a lovely day! xoxo

  6. What a great trip! Thanks for sharing your photos!

  7. Oh my goodness...love, love, love Maine! We used to make antiquing jaunts twice yearly when I had my shop. I would love to return, it is absolutely one of my favorite places!

  8. Such a lovely spot and I can smell the shellfish from here:) That first photo of the water is gorgeous.. looks like glass. We are planning a trip to the New England states and I can't wait. Glad you had a nice getaway Elizabeth! xxleslie

  9. Thank you, Elizabeth, for taking me back to beloved Maine! We are actually going up this Thursday, and hope the foliage will have a bit more color. Beautiful photos - you've really captured the charm of Maine.

  10. I too fell in love with Maine when I spent a week on Hog Island with the Audubon Club. I was walking on one of their beaches when it occurred to me that I could easily live there. I could retire there in a minute although DH says that neither of us (being from the south) would last through the winter.

  11. Beautiful shots!

    I've been to both states on a number of occasions. They are just outstanding.

    Acadia National Park would have to be my ideal place in Maine.

  12. My last trip to Maine was in an ice storm two years ago to pick up our puppy. You have inspired me to make the effort and get back to take in the scenery. We are geographically nearby but as they say, 'you can't get there from here.'

  13. I just caught up with all of your beautiful Maine posts...it reminds me so much of the MN North Shore on Superior!! Stunning photos, my dear....
    New England is definitely on my travel list.
    Thank you for sharing the beauty! So happy for you that is was a wonderful experience...
    Much love,
    - Irina


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